Want to play Fortnite on iPhone? It’s bad beginning

The founder of Epic Games reveals that he tried to approach Apple after the lawsuit between the two companies, to consider a return of Fortnite on iPhone. Things did not go as planned.

To play Fortnite on mobile, it is better to have an Android smartphone. In the short term, there is indeed virtually no chance of the famous video game making a comeback on iOS. Apple made the decision, on September 21, 2021, to exclude it for the duration of the legal dispute between it and Epic Games, the studio that is at the origin. Clear, Fortnite might not return to the iPhone for years.

This prospect of a long-term exclusion from Apple’s mobile ecosystem was revealed by Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games. On Twitter, he published a series of very upbeat messages against the Cupertino company, with whom he is in conflict. The heart of the matter between the two companies is the level of commission Apple takes on each in-app purchase.

Epic Games has sought to get out of this mechanism, to avoid this commission, which reaches 15 or 30% of the value of the purchase, depending on various parameters. This attempt to bypass the rules of the App Store, which until now prohibited any alternative payment system, provoked an immediate and radical reaction from Apple: Fortnite got banned from the iPhone. The case then went to court.

An attempt at reconciliation that goes wrong

Late last night, Apple informed Epic that Fortnite will be blacklisted in the Apple ecosystem until all legal remedies have been exhausted, which could take up to 5 years. “, denounced on September 22, Tim Sweeney, attaching to his tweet a capture showing a letter announcing the shelving of Fortnite the time of the legal proceedings, also justified by the fact that Epic Games violated the rules of the App Store.

The sending of this message comes twelve days after the verdict of a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games. The verdict appears to be divided: if the video game studio has succeeded in obtaining the fact that Apple’s in-app payment system is no longer essential, it has failed to prove, for example, the monopolistic character of the giant of consumer electronics. Epic has announced that it is appealing the judgment.

Tim Sweeney’s annoyance follows Epic Games’ failed attempt at compromise with Apple. In another message, he shares a letter he sent to Phil Schiller, the boss of the App Store: ” Epic has asked Apple to reactivate our Fortnite development account. Epic promises that it will adhere to Apple’s guidelines every time we release products on Apple platforms.

Source: YouTube / Fortnite

If we get the account back, we will bring Fortnite back to Mac as soon as possible […] Epic will resubmit Fortnite on the App Store if you follow the letter of the court decision and allow apps to include buttons and external links that direct customers to other shopping mechanisms without onerous terms or barriers to a good user experience », Adds the missive.

This common ground, suggests Tim Sweeney, would have helped to narrow the dispute: if it had been accepted by Apple, ” our dispute will relate to competing stores [de l’App Store, ndlr], and I sincerely believe that we could find some common ground on the matter if Apple’s position is based solely on user safety and privacy, rather than commercial interests.

Apple remains in its positions until the end of the battle

But the letter from Apple’s lawyers shows that the arrangement outlined by Epic Games has been pushed back. As long as appeals take place, such as appeals, there is no question for the Cupertino company to study anything. The company believes it is within its rights to do so, citing passages from the verdict rendered by the court and pointing out ” deceptive attitude From Epic, who doesn’t make him trust him.

This objection is, considers Tim Sweeney, proof of the anti-competitive attitude of the American brand. ” This is an extraordinary new anti-competitive move from Apple that demonstrates its power to reshape markets and pick winners and losers “, he wrote in another of his posts.

It is also a loss of competition and for the choice of consumers He added, before accusing Apple of having lied by publicly asserting that Epic would be welcome in the ecosystem if it accepted the rules. ” Epic agreed, and Apple went back on its word », Protested Tim Sweeney. Statements which obviously sign the end of any conciliation between the two parties.

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