How is Magic Keyboard different from iPad and Mac?

If we leave aside the main Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and AirPods, its keyboards are surely one of the best-selling devices by the Cupertino company. After many years trying to find the key, never better said, Apple has the Magic Keyboard, but in two versions, for Mac and iPad, and in this post we want to tell you how they differ.

Main differences

Apple has been looking for a keyboard for many years that would be able to meet the needs of all its users, and the reality is that it has cost a lot to get it right, but the important thing is that it has. As a result of this search, we have the Magic Keyboard, using a scissor mechanism that, now, is to the delight of all users who have the opportunity to try it.

Just that, the scissor mechanism is what unites the iPad and Mac version, since in other aspects they are quite different, still giving a very similar experience when standing in front of the keyboard to write. But hey, let’s go with the differences between the two, although really as soon as you observe one and the other they are obvious. We leave them below.

  • The Mac version is a fully independent keyboardwhile the iPad also has an upper part on which the device is magnetized.
  • The Magic Keyboard on the Mac has a row of function keyssomething that is missing in the iPad version and that, of course, would come in handy.
  • In the version for iPad we not only find the keyboard, but also a trackpad that delights all users who use this keyboard with the Apple tablet.
  • The Touch ID It is another point of difference from the Mac version, but beware, it is not in all of them, since this keyboard can be purchased with or without Touch ID.
  • The way to load them also varies from model to model, while the Magic Keyboard for Mac has to be charged through a port Lightningon the Magic Keyboard for iPad you will have to use a cable USB-C.

magic keyboard and ipad pro 2021

What is your price?

We have already told you about the main differences between the two keyboards, but one that is really important, especially when making the final decision to purchase one of these two products, is the price. Well, here too there is a big difference between the two. Below you have the prices of all versions of one and the other.

  • Magic Keyboard for Mac
    • Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad
      • White color: 185 euros.
      • Black color: 205 euros.
    • Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad: 135 euros
    • Magic Keyboard with Touch ID: 159 euros
    • Magic Keyboard: 109 euros

magic keyboard iPad and Mac

  • Magic Keyboard for iPad
    • Magic keyboard for 11-inch iPad Pro: 339 euros
    • Magic Keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro: 399 euros

Magic Keyboard

Finally, surely the question you ask yourself is if it is really worth buying one of these two keyboards. The answer, as always, depends on the use you are going to make of each of them. In the case of the Magic Keyboard on the Mac, if you have a computer with which you can use Touch ID and, in addition, the scissor mechanism is comfortable for you, without a doubt, it is a great purchase. On the other hand, in the case of the iPad it is evident that the price is highbut for all users who want to get the most out of this device, there is no better keyboard for it.

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