In Austria, they prohibit those not vaccinated against Covid-19 from leaving the house and entering establishments

Austria has implemented new measures in the face of the refusal of citizens for get vaccinated against Covid-19, since those who are not inoculated must remain in lockdown starting this Monday, November 15.

The government of Austria imposed confinement for people from 12 years who are not vaccinated, this before a fourth wave of Covid-19 that affects the country due to the Delta variant arisen in India and the refusal to inoculate.

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They reported that the measure will apply to about 2 million citizens who do not have a vaccination certificate valid, EFE points out, or for those who have not recovered from the coronavirus in the last 180 days.

People under this measure have strictly forbidden enter non-essential stores, hair salons, restaurants, bars, gyms, events, among others, adds the EFE agency.

Karl Nehammer, Minister of the Interior, reported that there was a deployment of police officers who will monitor compliance with the measure, so they could ask citizens for the vaccination certificate at any time.

Fines for anticovid measure

People who are under this measure could leave their homes under certain terms, such as going to the doctor or vaccination centers, and walking or exercise outdoor.

Those who must go to their work centers could do so under the condition that they present a negative PCR test that does not exceed 48 hours.

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Women pregnant, minors and 12 years old and those who cannot be vaccinated against Covid-19 for health reasons, are exempt from the strict measure that, if not followed, could carry a fine of up to 1,450 euros, the equivalent of just over 33 thousand Mexican pesos.


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