Indonesia bans officials from taking Christmas vacations due to Covid-19

Given the increase in infections and fourth wave of Covid-19 that plagues some countries in the world, the government of Indonesia prohibited officials and employees of public companies from taking holidays during Christmas and the end of the year.

The government of that country informed of the measure that has the purpose of avoiding the increase in infections, something that will affect about 6.2 million people including cops and soldiers.

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There will be restrictions in churches and markets during the holiday season; furthermore, they are cultural events prohibited, artistic and sports between December 24 and January 2. The squares of cities and towns will be closed during December 31 and January 1 to avoid crowds.

These measures were taken after last May people ignored the recommendations of the Indonesian government, in which they asked not to travel through the Muslim holiday of Aíd al Fitr or the end of the fast, says the EFE agency.

Covid-19 in Indonesia

Last July, Indonesia became the world epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic by registering more than 2 thousand deaths and 40 thousand daily infections of coronavirus.

Although the situation has been reported to be stable and some anticovid measures, the government has asked not to lower its guard.

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Data from Johns Hopkins University indicate that until this Thursday, November 25 Indonesia registers 4 million 254 thousand 815 infections of Covid-19 and 143 thousand 782 people died from the virus.


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Indonesia Christmas Covid-19 pandemic

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