Intel Arc graphics for gaming will be released in the summer

At the end of the presentation of the Intel Arc A-Series, the company wanted to give a little forward. He has shown some images of what his desktop gaming graphics cards will look like. These graphics cards will have to compete with the NVIDIA RTX 30 Series and AMD RX 6000 Series, in addition to the RTX 40 Series that would be released by the end of the year.

Intel shows a preview of the Arc for desktop

Being able to know how the new graphics cards will be physically is something interesting. Obviously, it would be more interesting to know how these graphs are going to perform, but for that there is still time. In the image you can see that the launch would be in summer 2022So it’s only a few months away. It is not ruled out that Intel will present its graphics cards to us during the Computex held at the end of May.

There is something interesting in the presentation and it is a “Limited Edition Graphics”. It seems that Intel will not release them in a massive way, but rather a limited release. This strategy is a bit strange and not usual. It is not ruled out that the company has some special edition model to commemorate the launch (perhaps with a special heatsink).

limited edition intel gaming graphics card

It is possible that “Limited Edition” has to do with the reference model of Intel. It would be something like the NVIDIA Founder’s Edition. The normal thing is that the reference model is launched first and then the customized models by assemblers such as ASUS, Gigabyte or EVGA.

From what little we have been able to see is the design of the heatsink, which has a dual fan system. In addition, video connectivity has been seen, with one HDMI and three DisplayPort. The specifications are not clear, but it is not ruled out that it is an HDMI 2.1.

the new intel graphics would be released in the summer

suspense until summer

Among all the products presented, only the Intel Arc 3 will hit the market right now. We will see them in laptops that should begin to be marketed shortly. The rest, the Arc 5 and the Arc 7 will be integrated into laptops in the summer. Just in summer the dedicated gaming models will be launched, as indicated by the company itself.

Just in summer the XeSS AI technology will arrive. This technology, simply explained, allows the rescaling of games from a lower resolution to a higher one through artificial intelligence. It seeks to be an alternative to NVIDIA DLSS and AMD Super Sampling technology. All these technologies have in common that they seek to compensate for the performance losses generated by Ray Tracing.

And it is that the new Intel graphics cards in their entirety (from the simplest to the most powerful) offer support for Ray Tracing. This shows that NVIDIA innovated in this segment and AMD and Intel have had to adapt to support this technology in their products.

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