Intense heat will cause millions of deaths at the end of the century; the temperature will increase 2 degrees

One billion people will be affected by a “combination fatal heat and humidity“If temperatures at the end of the century rise 2 ºC compared to pre-industrial values, according to a study published this Tuesday by the British Meteorological Office (MET Office).

“The number of people in regions around the world affected by extreme heat stress, a potentially fatal combination of heat and humidity, could increase by almost 15 times if the global temperature rise reaches 2 ° C “, indicates the study published on the eve of the conclusion of the COP26 climate summit held in Glasgow on Friday.

In this United Nations forum, an attempt is made to forge commitments to prevent temperatures at the end of the century from increasing by more than 1.5 ºC compared to the levels prior to the Industrial Revolution.

It would be a catastrophe of an incalculable dimension

In the scenario described by the study, the number of people who would suffer this situation would increase from 68 million today to “around one billion.” If the increase in global heat reached 4 ° C, “almost half of the global population” and in most of the world’s continents would be affected.

“Vulnerable members of the population and those with physical outdoor jobs are at greater risk of adverse health effects,” said the director of Climate Impacts at the UK Met Office, Andy Hartley. To this would be added other adverse effects such as river flooding, risk of forest fires, droughts, and food insecurity.

“This new combined analysis shows the urgency of limiting global warming well below 2.0 ° C. The higher the level of warming, the more severe and widespread the risks to people’s lives, but it is still possible to avoid these risks more high if we act now, “said the professor at the University of Exeter and the UK Met Office, Richard Betts.


Climate crisis wreaks havoc on health

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