Learning English with these Instagram accounts is very easy

Learning English on Instagram, is it the best option?

As we mentioned a few moments ago, this social network is filled with all kinds of content that are usually associated more with posturing, travel and the “perfect” world of influencers. And I could that when you are considering the possibility of learning languages ​​through Instagram all your alarms go off.

Therefore, you may be wondering if it is the best choice of all to try to master a language. The short answer is no, but with several nuances.

First of all, you should take into account, as you would when signing up for private or reinforcement classes, who is that person who is going to explain or help us learn this language. By this we mean that, under our ignorance, we may believe that either of these two “professionals” is explaining everything to us in the best way and it turns out that they are not. So, it is best that you try to locate an account that is run by a professional with studies and preparation in the education sector. In this way you will ensure the best results and methodology.

On the other hand, it is clear that we are not going to learn to speak or write a language like English perfectly just by looking at an account on Instagram. These profiles are usually dedicated to launching small content pills, and then “attract” your audience to English courses, private lessons or another type of more in-depth teaching system. And, of course, a payment system for which they get a financial return for their time.

So, if you wanted to learn English perfectly through Instagram, we are sorry to disappoint you. However, you will be able to improve in many aspects and, in addition, find a place where that creator who you like his way of explaining can teach you much more.

Best accounts to learn English on Instagram

Having said all of the above, and now that we have made the subject of learning languages ​​through social networks clear, it is time to introduce you to some of the best accounts to learn English that you can find on Instagram. Let’s go!

EWA: Learn English (@ ewa.english)

The first of the accounts that we want to recommend is, in turn, one of the largest profiles in the teaching sector (speaking the English language). Is about EWA Learn English and they currently follow 4.8 million users who enjoy your advice and your explanations. Ewa shares lessons in many ways through little pills on phrasal verbs, synonyms, grammar rules, irregular verbs and a long etcetera.

BBC Learning English (@bbclearningenglish)

Another quite interesting profile is that of BBC Learning English, which have already helped more than 3 million students to improve your level of English on Instagram. Their publications are full of games to learn this language, grammar, expressions and many more things that we can find through their feed.

Daily English Lessons (@_dailyvocabulary)

If you are interested in learning English in a simple way every day, you should already follow the account of Daily English Lessons. Every day, as the name suggests, they publish content pills to learn English as a Quiz in their stories, simple vocabulary from different fields, tips to use the correct expressions at times when we tend to make mistakes, etc. This profile is followed by almost 1 million students eager for your daily post to learn something new in English.

English With Nab (@englishwithnab)

The account of English With Nab It is super educational and entertaining to follow. Through the feed or his own stories on Instagram he shares a lot of information such as vocabulary, pronunciation, common mistakes, grammar and much more. And, the best, in a super simple and clear way. Nab is currently followed 877,000 people wanting to learn English thanks to your advice.

Let’s learn English (@aprendamosingles)

The account of We learn English It is another of the ideal places to improve our vocabulary, grammar and expressions in this language. They mainly publish content on their own Instagram wall, where we can find synonyms, grammar rules, prepositions and much more interesting content that you should know to master English. This profile is currently followed by more than 400,000 users On Instagram.

Sheila’s English (@ english.with.sheila)

The account of Sheila’s English has grown a lot in recent months thanks to his advice and recommendations that add a lot of value, reaching the current figure of 367,000 followers in this social network. In his stories, feed post or reels, he proposes questions, exercises, teaches new vocabulary, corrects common mistakes, etc.

Learn English with Carlo (@englishyourwaybr)

One of the profiles more focused on grammar and vocabulary is Learn English with Carlo. Through his publications he lets us know verbs, prepositions, error corrections and more. In addition, something very interesting is that it proposes tests that its followers can take to, in some way, take something like an exam or a level test in certain aspects. Carlo is currently being followed 223,000 people in this social network.

Pronunciation with Emma (@pronunciationwithemma)

Another highly recommended account to learn English through Instagram is that of Pronunciation with Emma. One of the most didactic profiles to learn pronunciation, irregular verbs, vocabulary and much more content in English. Emma is almost followed 200,000 students wanting to learn more material every day.

English with Max (@englishwithmax)

Learn a lot about British pronunciation, practice listening at a native level, expand your vocabulary and receive much more advice through the account of English with Max. A profile that is followed by more than 70,000 students in this social network.

English For Spanish Speakers (@nativeenglishgl)

Finally, we want to recommend the account of English for Spanish Speakers, in which this native girl will teach us different matters of this language in the best way. We will have videos on pronunciation, tips, vocabulary, solving common mistakes and a lot more interesting tips. He practices a lot with Daisy, the owner of the account, just as his almost 35,000 followers On Instagram.

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