Look: Teams focuses on education, Windows conquered tablets and a special anniversary

There are many fronts that the software giant has open at the moment, not only in relation to the versions of its OS. In the same way, he is working conscientiously on his office automation Office, and in other very interesting proposals such as the aforementioned Teams.

Microsoft Teams will bet more on virtual education

In fact, this is a platform that the firm does not stop updating and improving. From what we know now, the next versions and updates want to focus a little more on the education sector. To do this, they will introduce functions focused on both teachers and students and thus improve the experience in the virtual classes. These will focus on both face-to-face and distance classes, as well as the combination of both methods.

Among the outstanding novelties in this regard, we can talk about the creation of class teams to involve students more. In addition, it is intended to implement a simplified navigation in said equipment so that its use is more comfortable. We will also be able to obtain a deeper vision of the commitment of students and their well-being with the Education Insights function. We can also create mixed and hybrid classes between both modes of operation and we will have a new search experience with Bing in Microsoft Teams.

You sure don’t remember Windows for Pen Computing

Over the years there have been many versions of Windows that have passed through our hands. However, perhaps one that was not well known was called Windows for Pen Computing. Well, for those of you who do not know it, we will tell you that it is a version of Windows 3.1 which at the time turned to tablets.

That is why it was launched with touch support and included a virtual keyboard on the screen itself that we could handle with a pencil or with handwriting. It was updated in 1995, version already based on the mythical Windows 95, and its official support ended in 2001.

Windows for Pen Computing

On this day, October 4, SlideShare was launched

Changing the third completely we are going to tell you that on a day like today, October 4, but in 2006, the platform known as SlideShare. In reality, this was a service that little by little was gaining in popularity focused on sharing presentations and files on the Internet. Such was the case that a few years later, in 2012, the service was bought by the social network LinkedIn for use within its platform.

To give you an approximate idea of ​​what we are talking about, in these currently the service of presentations it has approximately 18 million files. In addition, all this is used by a total of 70 million monthly users and it has just turned 15 years old.

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