Meet the new AVM FRITZ! Box 7530 AX router with WiFi 6

Router main features

This AVM router has a lot of really interesting features, it is very similar to the AVM FRITZ! Box 7530 model that we have thoroughly analyzed in RedesZone, however, it has some fundamental differences that we will explain later. This AVM FRITZ! Box 7530 AX model is an ideal model for your home if you want to have high-performance WiFi 6 connectivity anywhere.

Wireless features

This new AVM FRITZ! Box 7530 AX router has Simultaneous dual band with Wi-Fi 6 and AX2400 class. We have a frequency band in 2.4GHz that is capable of providing a speed of up to 574Mbps, thanks to its two internal antennas in MU-MIMO 2T2R configuration, at 40MHz channel width and the WiFi 6 standard. 5GHz band we can achieve a speed of up to 1802Mbps, thanks to the fact that it incorporates three internal antennas in MU-MIMO 3T3R configuration, at 80MHz channel width and the WiFi 6 standard that this router incorporates. This equipment has all the technologies of the WiFi 6, such as the technology Beamforming To focus the wireless signal on the clients, the MU-MIMO to transfer data to multiple clients simultaneously, and also technology OFDMA which is the most important thing about WiFi 6 and that will allow us to optimize performance to the maximum when we connect dozens of WiFi clients.

This router has Smart Connect or band-steering, that is, we will have an SSID shared by the two frequency bands, and the router will be in charge of placing us in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band, depending on the coverage received by the WiFi client. It also supports WiFi roaming if we configure a WiFi Mesh network with the manufacturer’s devices, the roaming makes use of the 802.11k / v standards so that the transition between the Mesh router and the Mesh repeaters is totally transparent.

The firmware allows us configure WPA2 / WPA3 As a security protocol in the wireless network, we can also create a guest WiFi network that is completely separate from the main network.

As you can see, this team has everything you need to provide the best possible WiFi performance, and with the best security by incorporating WPA2 / WPA3.

Wired Features

Regarding the wired characteristics of this AVM FRITZ! Box 7530 AX router, it incorporates 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 Mbps) for the LAN. LAN port 1 can be configured as Internet WAN, the firmware supports using this port as the Internet input port, in addition, we can configure the 802.1Q VLAN Tagging standard to be compatible with fiber operators in Spain. Of course, the main processor has hardware NAT to achieve the best possible performance on the Internet network.

This equipment also incorporates an RJ-45 port for DSL, internally we have a ADSL2 + and VDSL2 modemTherefore, if you still have an Internet connection via xDSL, this router will serve you perfectly. If you have a cable or FTTH connection, you can also use it without problems with the router’s LAN 1 port. Other important features are that it supports DNS over TLS to keep all DNS traffic encrypted and authenticated, we also have a powerful SPI firewall and full support for IPv6 networks.

USB and telephony

This router incorporates one USB 2.0 port to share files and folders in local network and Internet, it supports the services via Samba, FTP, DLNA media server and other related services. This USB 2.0 port is on the side, and we will get a performance of about 38MB / s read and write maximum.

It also incorporates one TAE port and one RJ-11 port To connect analog telephones, all the routers that AVM has recently launched incorporate an IP telephony switchboard, this switchboard is really complete as it has dozens of configuration options. Another important detail is the incorporation of a DECT base in this router, we will be able to connect a maximum of 6 cordless telephones, in addition, we can also connect without problems the home automation devices of the German manufacturer such as smart plugs or thermostats.

Video unboxing

In RedesZone we have made a complete video with the unboxing and first impressions of this new router from the German manufacturer AVM, before seeing it, we have to explain the differences with respect to the FRITZ! Box 7530 model that has been with us for several years. Although this router is physically very similar to the FRITZ! Box 7530 model, and even they are called practically the same, the differences between both models are very important for you to choose the ideal router correctly:

  • Wifi– The 7530 is dual band AC1300 (up to 400Mbps in 2.4GHz and up to 867Mbps in 5GHz). The 7530 AX features dual-band AX2400 (up to 574Mbps in 2.4GHz and up to 1801Mbps in 5GHz). The new model incorporates an additional internal antenna for the 5GHz band, therefore, it is a 3 × 3 in the 5GHz band.
  • USB: The 7530 model incorporates a high-performance USB 3.0 port, on the other hand, the 7530 AX model only has a USB 2.0 port. In this case, the older model is better.

If we want better WiFi, it is clear that we must choose the new 7530 AX model, however, if we want to have a very good WiFi, but high performance in the USB port, then the previous model is better.

In our unboxing and first impressions you will be able to see all the features of this new router, you will also be able to see all the accessories and the incorporated documentation, as well as all the ports of this FRITZ! Box 7530 AX, one of the first home routers from AVM with the WiFi 6 standard, a new standard that will provide us with better WiFi coverage and speed.

Soon we will offer you our complete analysis, you will be able to see all the characteristics in detail and the real performance that we have obtained in our WiFi tests, wired LAN-LAN, LAN-WAN tests and also USB tests with its Samba and FTP / FTPES servers.

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