Netflix to make a movie about the woman who invited a stranger on Thanksgiving

In 2016, Wanda Dench sent a message to her grandson to invite him to the Thanksgiving turkey meal, that very American tradition. What happened, however, was that instead of sending the message to his grandson’s phone, mistakenly sent it to Jamal Hinton, a boy who did not know at all.

How this curious Thanksgiving story began

It all started with the announcement that lunch was at three in the afternoon. Jamal, a high school student at the time, was surprised by the message and asked who the sender was.

“Your grandmother,” Dench replied.

Jamal replied again with a: “You are not my grandmother” and joked with the following phrase: “Can I have a plate anyway?”.

Wanda Dench’s final answer was: «Of course you can. That’s what grandmothers do … Feed everyone.

Thus began a ritual that it has lasted 6 years And, of course, it has captured the imagination and interest of much of the Internet.

The Reddit website, above all, made this funny story viral and, every year, for Thanksgiving, it is almost a tradition to confirm that Wanda and Jamal spend it together again, uploading photos to the event network.

The twists in Jamal and Wanda’s story

Over time, Wanda and Jamal have become very good friends. Proof of this are the updates on the social networks of each one, where they upload photographs and comments about that peculiar relationship.

That has made both of them also become a sensation in these social networks. Jamal has over 131,000 followers on Twitter, while Wanda Dench has already accumulated more than 26,000.

As a sign of popularity, Jamal’s 2021 Thanksgiving tweet has exceeded half a million favs.

Over time, Jamal has grown up, got a girlfriend and Wanda Dench extended the invitation for their families to spend that important date together.

Regrettably, Lonnie, Wanda’s husband, and another of the protagonists of this story, died a victim of the coronavirus in 2020, but they always have it in the memory.

Netflix will make a film about the story of Jamal and Wanda

Jamal himself confirmed on his Twitter account that Netflix is ​​going to bring this story to our screens.

Abdul Williams is writing the script, and so this anecdote so feel goodDespite some sad details, it will be known to the whole world, instead of a few geeks with too much free time.

The truth is that it is worth it, one of those things that warm our hearts of stone a little.

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