Never put your PLCs near this, you will have many cuts

To have a better Internet connection, one option that we have available is to use PLC devices. They are very useful for taking the wireless network from one place to another in the house, although we can also connect to them by cable. They use electrical wiring and are usually a good option to maintain good stability and speed. But keep in mind that we should not put certain nearby objects or devices. We talk about it in this article.

What to avoid putting near PLCs

If you put some things near these devices, the connection quality it can decrease a lot. You might even have trouble connecting or affect the lifespan of the devices. Therefore, knowing what can especially affect it is important for them to work as well as possible.

Other connected devices

something important is do not connect other devices near. Especially you should not use a power strip or plug another device near the socket where you place the PLCs. This can cause significant problems in the operation and the quality of the connection decreases a lot.

The best thing is that the PLCs are connected in a socket isolated from other devices. Never use power strips, nor put another plugged-in device nearby, such as a television, computer or any electronic equipment.

Interference-generating device

Of course, it is especially important that you avoid having devices nearby that can generate interference. If you are going to connect via Wi-Fi to the PLCs, avoid placing them near a microwave or any device that works via Bluetooth. If you do, you may have problems, since they use a frequency close to 2.4 GHz.

Again, it is best to have your PLC devices in an isolated location, away from other appliances and gadgets that may cause interference. The goal is to make them work as well as possible and not appear the dreaded cuts.

Errors when placing PLC

Obstacles or metallic plates

In this case we refer to any obstacle that may block wireless signal of PLCs, but especially those that are metallic. Those are the ones that are going to affect the most and with which we are going to have the most problems so that the coverage can correctly reach the areas where we need to connect.

It is important that you put it in an area where it can distribute the wireless signal well and keep it away from any metallic obstacle. A piece of furniture, for example, could be a problem if it has metal parts that prevent the signal from passing through.

Appliances that have water

Home appliances such as a washing machine, refrigerator or radiators can also be a problem for PLCs. It is best that you get as far away from them as possible. The main reason is that they have water, an element that is not a good friend of wireless networks and could cause failures.

The signal can get weaker once it goes through one of these devices. Wi-Fi will not work well surrounded by appliances like the ones we have explained.

Ultimately, all of these can cause PLC devices to malfunction. It is important that you keep them as far away as possible from these devices. It is a good idea that they are isolated, connected directly to the wall and never through power strips. Do not put appliances that are nearby and may interfere. It is also important to choose good PLC devices.

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