News keep coming to iOS 15.2 beta, when will it be released?

Yesterday, and as usual every week, Apple made official the launch of the third developer betas for iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, and macOS 12.1. While in the Mac version we do not find a novelty compared to the previous betas (at least for now), there is some interesting improvement in the iPhone and iPad that we tell you in this same post.

Improvements to Apple Music, iCloud Private Relay, and more

It seems incredible that at this point it is a novelty, but we cannot ignore the fact that Apple Music on iOS and iPadOS will finally have a search within the playlists. This improvement, no matter how small, will be very useful for those subscribers to Apple’s music service who have been claiming something like this for a long time.

Beyond that detail, in these third betas we find news regarding iCloud Private Relay and that is that Apple has now renamed this function to show that it is a connection that limits the tracking of the user’s IP when it is active . We remember that this is one of the great privacy news announced by Apple at WWDC 2021 and that it is present on both iPhone and iPad as well as Mac computers.

Also those who wish take photos in macro mode with your iPhone, specifically with the ’13 Pro ‘and ’13 Pro Max’ being the only ones with this possibility, they will find improvements. Focus improvements and a better explanation have been added to the fact that by activating this function in the Camera app, the ultra-wide angle lens can be used to take close-up photos, in addition to being able to intersperse between this manual and automatic mode whenever desired.

There has also been Reminders improvements by now allowing to rename the labels and to be able to eliminate several or all of them at once. Small improvements in an application that, far from being one of the best, is gradually gaining ground after several years in which Apple left it somewhat aside.

When will the launch be?

If you are not a developer and you are interested in installing this version, you should know that there is the possibility of installing iOS betas without being a developer. However, it has its risks. Therefore, the recommendation that we make is to wait for its official launch to take place for all the public and this is where the big question comes.

It is not known when it will be officially released, as Apple rarely reveals details about it. However, taking into account that we are going to a beta per week, it would not be strange if it could end up arriving in the last week of November or first of December. They are pure assumptions, yes, so we recommend that you keep an eye on this medium to get to know all the details of upcoming betas, as well as the final date on which these long-awaited updates will be released.

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