Newskill Seth, a wireless headphones with LED microphone

Gaming peripherals specialist Newskill has just unveiled the first wireless headphones from its catalog: these are the Newskill seth, available in black and in the usual Ivory (white) of the brand, and that will allow us to forget about the wiring while we play but without giving up having a spectacular sound and, of course, RGB lighting.

Wireless headphones represent a giant step in terms of comfort, since having a cable from the PC to our head is often a great annoyance. With the new Seth, Newskill proposes an alternative so that players can choose between playing wirelessly using their USB receiver, or via cable since they have the peculiarity that they also have a connector 3.5mm minijack, thus increasing its compatibility.

Newskill Seth, wireless headphones … if you want

Newskill seth
Type Closed circumaural
Connectivity Wireless 2.4 GHz
3.5 mm minijack
Battery 5 hours (RGB)
10 hours (without RGB)
Maximum distance 12 meters
Frequency response 20Hz – 20 KHz
Sensitivity 85 ± 3dB
Impedance 20Ω ± 10% @ 1 kHz
Driver size 50 mm
Microphone 6mm x 2.7mm
100 Hz – 10 KHz
-38dB (+/- 3dB)
Noise Cancellation No
software No
PVP 69.95 euros

As we mentioned a moment ago, the greatest peculiarity of these Newskill Seth is that it gives the user the possibility of operating them in wireless mode, thanks to the included USB receiver, and thus have the greatest freedom of movement and comfort, or can be connected via the included 3.5mm minijack cable and thus make them compatible not only with PC or Mac, but also with any other audio source that supports 3.5mm connector, such as consoles PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch or even smartphones and tablets.

For wireless communication Newskill has not complicated life and has used technology Wireless 2.4 GHz, a highly reliable technology that gives us a maximum distance of 10-12 meters to move freely without interference. Of course, in order to make a fairly light design, the Seth do not boast of a great battery life since, according to the manufacturer, they have up to 5 hours if you have the RGB on, and double if you disconnect it.

As it is a wireless headset, we do not have a control console on the cable but it is integrated into them. Thus, in the left earpiece we have the microphone but also the buttons to raise and lower the volume, mute, turn off lighting and, of course, the on and off button. The microphone by the way it is removable, giving us even more comfort if we want to use the headphones only to watch a movie or listen to music and not to communicate by voice.

Regarding the design, Newskill has opted for the traditional closed circumaural with earmuffs covered by faux fur and an oval design. Of course, it has a padded and adjustable headband to adapt to all head sizes, something that combined with its soft pads and its light weight will make it easy for us to forget that we are wearing headphones.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Newskill has installed some drivers for 50mm neodymium magnets to ensure clear sounds in highs and mids with powerful bass, although it is true that in this case the sound is only stereo and we don’t have a virtual surround sound option. All in all, they move in a very standard frequency range (20 Hz to 20 KHz) and high quality sound is guaranteed.

Price and availability

Newskill seth

The new Newskill Seth wireless headphones are now available, both in black and Ivory (white), in the manufacturer’s online store at a price of 69.95 Euros, although it is true that at this time they have a launch promotion through which we can save 10 Euros and acquire them for € 59.95.

As usual, Newskill has also reported that in a few days we will have them available at the manufacturer’s usual points of sale, such as Amazon Spain and PcComponentes.

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