Nosferatu: Anya Taylor-Joy will be in the Robert Eggers remake

After the great success of The Queen of Chess, Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the most prominent actresses in Hollywood and, thanks to a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, today we discover that she will soon be working on a remake of Nosferatu.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Robert Eggers together again for the remake of Nosferatu

Right now, Taylor-Joy, 25, seems to be the kind of girl everyone wants. His program for the next two and a half years has already been set, starting soon with “The Menu”, a dark comedy set in the world of exotic culinary culture directed by Mark Mylod (“Succession”) and then moving on to next year. to “Furiosa”, George Miller’s prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Later, he will reunite with “Queen of Chess” writer and director Scott Frank for the thriller “Laughter in the Dark” and again with Eggers in a reworking of the vampire classic “Nosferatu”.

The Eggers to which the LA Times refers is Robert Eggers, the director who launched Taylor-Joy’s career with The Witch, in 2015. He is a true master of suspense, and a remake of Nosferatu probably couldn’t fall. in better hands.

Eggers and Taylor-Joy have long been talking about returning to collaborate together on a new film project and, now, we know it will be the remake of the cult film. Nosferatu The Vampire, 1922 film by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau; centered on a real estate agent who visits Transylvania to deal with a new client, Count Orlok, ignoring that he is actually a vampire.

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