Ocean’s 14: Matt Damon ready to return… if there was a sequel

For some time there have been rumors about a possible Ocean’s 14 and the actor Matt Damon, while participating in a TV show, said he was willing to return in the shoes of Linus Caldwell.

The Ocean’s trilogy, directed by Steven Soderbergh concluded in 2007, it is one of those timeless sagas that can be seen and reviewed even after many years.

If they did Ocean’s 14, Matt Damon would be available

The gang of thieves that made the Ocean’s trilogy successful, made up of an incredible and well-blended cast, was the focus of much discussion on the possible making of the fourth film, Ocean’s 14.

Despite the fact that 13 years have passed since the third film and that two members of the original cast have disappeared (Bernie Mac in 2008 and Carl Reiner last year) the desire to see another sequel, for fans of the trilogy, is not lacking.

The adventures of Danny Ocean and his gang have created a huge fan base and the incredible heists carried out by this unusual team have created a fun trilogy that never gets old.

One of the protagonists, Matt Damon, attending the Jess Cagle Show said he was ready to return as Linus in a future Ocean’s 14:

I’ve always said this ever since we finished Ocean’s 13 that I’m ready to work on Ocean’s 14. We wondered what it would be like and now that we’ve lost two gang members, Bernie and Carl, we don’t know how it could continue. There should be a great writer to create the right sequel. We are all still in touch and, given the great friendships born on the set of the film, we would certainly be ready to all return, I think.

It would be nice to understand if too George Clooney And Brad Pitt, in addition to the rest of the cast, would be very willing to return in a fourth film, along with director Steven Soderbergh. With the return of a part of the cast and a good script, a sequel worthy of the previous trilogy could come out.

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