OLED technology will hit PC monitors in 2022

To date, displays with OLED technology were reserved solely for the ecosystem of smartphones (small screens) or high-end televisions (very large screens), something that left the PC monitors, which generally use a medium screen size (currently 24-34 inches is most common). It seems that things will change from next year, since rumors suggest that both LG What Samsung they are already working on PC monitors with OLED technology, to be announced at CES next year.

Before we launch the bells on the fly, we have to warn you that, for now and as far as is known, this information is based for the moment only on leaks and rumors, so we must treat it as such. All in all, these rumors claim that the CES 2022 which will take place in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year will be the setting chosen by both LG and Samsung for the presentation of their first OLED monitors that, by size, would be PC-oriented.

The first OLED PC monitors, from Samsung and LG

All techies know that OLED matrix displays have actually been around for a while. The problem here is that the OLED screens we have are either very small, like those of smartphones, or very large, like high-end TVs (although to be true, there are also some OLED laptops and tablets). However, and although some users use these large screens for their PC, in reality it is not a market niche that is widely used since with such a large screen you have to sit very far, and this on PC is not always possible.

The fact is that, as we said at the beginning, the most used screen size on PC ranges from 24 to 34 inches, and that is that a larger screen forces the user to sit further away to be able to see the whole panorama without have to be turning your neck, but when you work with keyboard and mouse this is not always possible. For this reason, the need for manufacturers to create an intermediate screen size had been there for quite some time, and unfortunately it has not been until now that the solution has begun to glimpse on the horizon.

For its part, it is said that LG will launch a 42-inch variant of its C-series TVs, and although we will have to wait for their announcement at CES to find out the exact technical specifications, they will most likely have features such as HDMI 2.1, HDMI-VRR and probably AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC. It is true that 42 inches is still larger than usual on PC, but even so it is also a format that is beginning to be used often, especially with the proliferation of video game consoles.

Samsung OLED

On the other hand, rumors also claim that Samsung you are working on a 34-inch diagonal QD-OLED series PC monitor. Even less is known about these products than about those of LG and we will also have to wait for their official announcement at CES, but from the lies of the network it is stated that the manufacturer is already producing them in mass so that they have an immediate availability from the time of your announcement.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that QD-OLED is not exactly the same as OLED, although it is true that both types of screen use Quantum Dot technology. In any case, it seems that this technology is finally and definitely approaching the PC ecosystem, which is excellent news for users looking for the best image quality and color rendering.

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