Podcast 12 × 37: Fried HomePods and privacy giving problems

Yesterday’s episode of our #PodcastApple in addition to talking at length about the most outstanding topics of this week in the Apple world, we held a raffle for a keychain for the Apple AirTag from Nomad. This week was intense in every way and the HomePod with the last update suffered a failure again, something similar happened a while ago in another update and although not all users are affected by the failure, Apple cannot allow it since it is a serious problem that leaves the firm’s speakers “fried”.

Those who want to see the video yesterday’s episode we leave it below:

This is the link for you to enter our YouTube channel so that you can follow us in the next episode live or you can enjoy the podcast published on iTunes (in the next few hours) to listen to it whenever and wherever you want. If you have any questions or suggestions and you think we can comment on it on the podcast you can do it live through the chat available on YouTube, using the hashtag #podcastapple on Twitter or from our Telegram channel, which should be noted, it is free for everyone and we are more and more.

And again we have to thank everyone present for your company in these intense matures, More and more users are meeting us live and you ask us directly about the technological current of Apple, its products and also other issues not directly related to Apple. For the team it is really a pleasure to share all our experiences and get to know yoursWe hope that this community of users continues to grow day by day.

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