Pokémon GO: The US military withdraws from Afghanistan and leaves Pokémon and gyms

With the definitive demobilization of American troops from Afghanistan, after 20 years of Uncle Sam’s stay in the Asian country, the US military will also abandon their Pokémon and dozens of gyms.

One of the most important stages in the abandonment of Afghan territory by the Stars and Stripes army was the closure of the military airport of Bagram, until a few days ago the largest US base in the country.

The US military ditches their Pokémon in Afghanistan

Since 2001 the Bagram base has been a piece of real America between the borders of the Asian state within which there were not only typical activities of US cities such as Subway is Pizza Hut, but for the military stationed in Afghanistan it represented an area to play in Pokémon GO and hunt down the pocket monsters and set out to conquer the gyms.

As reported by Kotaku, starting from the summer of 2016, the base has seen the flourishing of a large community of players made up of military and civilian personnel. For many men and women, in fact, the game has become a healthy escape from the dangers of the post-war period and has represented a way to have fun, socialize and make friends.

However, the return of the US military to the states with the return of the base to the local Afghan forces led to the abandonment of all the gyms present in the four corners of the military complex.

This has generated a stalemate in many low-level Pokemon, which would normally be defeated by the trainers, are stuck in defensive positions, perhaps indefinitely in defense of the gyms. A small Lotad guarded a former chapel inside the base, while a humble Aron defended a monument to a fallen soldier for about two weeks.

Obviously, the Pokémon abandoned in Afghanistan to guard the gyms will only be able to return to their trainers when they are defeated in battle. Here, then, that the US military returned home are hoping that intrepid local coaches can occupy the gyms of Bagram.

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