Prepare to go back to school with this laptop with Windows 11 for less than 200 euros

In less than a month, the little ones will be back at school to start a new course. In many cases, having a computer at home for them can be interesting for them to get used to seeing these devices as a work tool, beyond tablets or mobile phones. Today we bring you a basic kit for back to school which is at a really low price.

Acer Aspire 1: an ideal entry-level laptop for back to school

If you are looking for a laptop lightweightwith good autonomy and a low price for your children, this entry-level laptop from acer can be a great solution:

Technical specifications

The Acer Aspire 1 A114-33 is an entry-level laptop for performing office tasks and consult information on the Internet through a browser. has a processor Intel Celeron N4500, a CPU well known for offering decent performance on low-cost computers and for its integrated graphics. The laptop is accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and a unit of 64GB drive in eMMC format.

In general, this is a fairly simple laptop, but solid and with a good number of ports to add peripherals. The computer has a total weight of about 1.4 kilos and has Windows 11 as the operating system. The system comes in its variant Windows 11 Home S, prepared so that applications cannot be installed from outside the Microsoft store. This is interesting for both avoid viruses and other types of malware, as if by pure parental control. In general, the official Microsoft store has a huge variety of free applications in its catalog that can be downloaded to the computer without ever missing anything.

14-inch HD screen and good connectivity

Kids can be a little rough around the edges when it comes to technology, and this computer has materials that are tough enough to take the pull. Their bezels are slim, but they leave some space up to the panel, which can prevent the panel from breaking in the event of a careless bump. The panel is about 14 inches and has HD resolution.

Regarding ports and connectivity, it can be said that this Acer Aspire 1 is well served. The laptop has a total of three USB ports (two 3.2 and one extra on the right 2.0 to connect a mouse). The team has HDMI output Just in case you ever need to connect your laptop to a monitor, TV, or even a projector. It also has a slot Ethernet to connect an RJ-45 cable, as well as the classic headphone jack.

On sale for 199 euros

Just today, you can get this 14-inch laptop for €199, a considerable discount compared to the previous price that was on Amazon. In other stores, this equipment can be found at almost double the price, so it is a very good offer.

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