Reasons why ecommerce must have a second payment gateway

One of the biggest online sales periods of the year begins, first with Black Friday and then with Christmas. To carry out secure purchases, all ecommerce have payment gateways with which customers process their purchases. However, not all online businesses have a second payment gateway that serves as back up, in case the first one fails, as happened last year with Redsys just during Black Friday. A problem that meant millions of euros of losses to businesses and that online businesses can avoid by implementing a second payment gateway.

From Ebolution, experts in design, construction and optimization of B2B and B2C digital channels, explain that “Except in the case of custom integrations such as Magento 2, Prestashop or WordPress, where a specific CMS development would have to be done, the installation and activation of a second payment gateway ready to work only requires a few clicks.”

Taking into account how simple it is to have a back up of payment gateways, from the company they recommend to online businesses that, for the next Black Friday, they consider the possibility of integrating a second gateway that allows payment processing in case of any problem with the main gateway.

In addition, adding more payment gateways has other advantages for online businesses:

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  • Greater geographic coverage. If online commerce sells outside our borders, having several payment gateways facilitates compatibility between countries. Which in turn, facilitates the transaction for customers and allows ecommerce to operate in more regions and increase their sales.
  • Greater ease of payment for customers. Have two plugins Payment, like Redsys plus another provider, improves the customer experience. Online merchants can choose, among others, by Apple Pay, Cards with MultiSafepay, Klarna, PayPal or Sofort. From Ebolution they recommend MultiSavePay, a gateway designed 100% for ecommerce, that never falls and that works as the perfect complement for businesses that already have a main gateway.
  • Avoid lost sales if one of the gateways fails. As mentioned above, the main advantage of having more payment gateways is that, in the event that one of them fails, we will always have other payment options for customers as support, so we will avoid losing sales and customers.
  • Finally, Ebolution recommends online businesses that when choosing payment gateways they take into account the ease of integrating them into their platforms, the commissions they charge for each transaction and the type of currency they support. All these elements will help us choose the payment gateways that best suit our business.

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