Resolution or hertz, what is the most important thing in a gaming monitor?

When buying a monitor for our PC, if we plan to play a very important dilemma comes to us when choosing the monitor. Is it better to go for resolution or hertz? In the first case, it ensures a higher image quality and more details on the screen, the second type gives us greater smoothness when playing. However, both elements are not usually sold at the same time and make us have to decide. What is the best option according to our needs?

In the market we find a large number of laptops and monitors with frequencies above 120 Hz. This does not mean that your games will go to that frequency, since it will depend on the power of the system’s graphics card. . Sometimes we come across real nonsense that the screen resolution and refresh rate exceed the average that the internal configuration of our computer can offer. Luckily, when choosing the monitor for a tower PC we have a greater range of choices, seeing the large number of options that exist on the market.

The great dilemma in a monitor, hertz or resolution?

One of the things that differentiate gaming monitors from the rest is that they tend to offer quite high refresh rates, measured in hertz, to the point of promising triple-digit figures in their specifications. However, it is not the first thing that you have to look at when buying a monitor and it is that outside of some competitive online games where the frame rate per second is literally related to the response time, since most of the Games are not intended to run beyond 60 FPS.

What’s more, being able to reach these refresh rates means that the time per frame is very low and this is not only achieved with a very powerful graphics card, but also with a very advanced processor. If you buy a Full HD monitor with a high refresh rate, playing certain games with extremely high frame rates will not benefit your experience and you will be sacrificing resolution and detail. So for us it is only worth paying for more hertz if you are going to benefit from the games you are going to play daily.

If, on the other hand, you are a more relaxed player and prefer more cinematic experiences, then we recommend that you give more importance to resolution. Of course, you must take into account your graphics card model to find out if it has the adequate performance to show you the graphics at an average rate of 60 Hz in your favorite games. And in the event that your budget does not reach you, do not worry, it is not a bad thing to play on a Quad HD monitor and at 60 FPS. Of course, try to make them stable.

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How to get the most out of your monitor in games?

As we have mentioned before, when choosing between the hertz and the resolution, the important thing will be the type of game that you are going to spend more hours on. Since depending on your favorite genre you will see how the power of your graphics card is divided into more pixels per frame or more frames per second. The ideal would be both, but only games with very little graphic load allow us to do it.

  • If the game allows you to set the frame rate per second to a fixed, as well as the resolution, do so. If your PC’s graphics card is powerful enough, it will allow you to enjoy the game in higher detail level under the monitor’s native resolution.
  • Monitors are designed to display images at their native resolution. So if you can’t reach the resolution at 60 FPS in the middle test, lower the level of detail in the games and remember that you can use aids such as DLSS on NVIDIA cards or DLSS for AMD.
  • If you are playing an eSports type game, then skip the first point and get as many frames per second as you can in games. That is, you should skip the first item on this list.
  • In the event that you are looking for a monitor also for graphic design, we recommend not using one with more than 120 Hz, the quality of the colors begins to drop after said refresh rate.

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