RISC-V architecture could replace ARM in the future

What is intended at Apple is to pay less without losing the quality of the processors and their power, so in this case the firm is continuously looking for alternatives to the architecture of its processors or to complement them. In this case it is RISC-V, an option that would allow you to have practically the same features offered by current chips but lowering costs due to not paying license.

RISC-V chip board

In this case, it is an architecture that is expensive with the current one used in Macs, iPhones and iPads. RISC-V from ARM’s NEON microarchitecture could undoubtedly be an advantage for the company since unlike ARM, it is Open Source. Really with the current changes of Intel towards ARM we can say that it would not be the best time to implement changes in its chips, but they could complement the current ones by helping the processes and later end up entering the firm’s devices with force.

Everything is moving very fast as far as technology is concerned and in this case we cannot say that in the future processors with this architecture will end up arriving in Apple equipment, although it is true that we did not expect the M1 to do so to the iPad Pro. or the M1 themselves to most of the Macs that we have in the product catalog. For now what Apple is doing is looking for alternatives of all kinds and for all its components, in this case the processors are not exempt from them and RISC-V is under the gaze of the firm’s engineers at this time.

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