Rogue Squadron: are the creative differences between Lucasfilm and Patty Jenkins the real reason for the stop of the film?

Last week we found out that Rogue Squadron, the new film in the saga of Star Wars directed by the director of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins, expected at the end of 2023, has instead been postponed indefinitely; which is a bit like saying that it has been blocked and we do not know if we will see it again in upcoming projects for the Far distant galaxy on the big screen.

Initially it seemed that the reasons for the postponement of the film were due to a mismanagement of the director’s agenda, engaged in other film projects (in particular with Wonder Woman 3).

Now, however, a new article written by the former editor of the The Hollywood Reporter, the Hollywood insider Matthew Belloni, states that this is not exactly the case.

Are the creative differences between Patty Jenkins and Lucasfilm the real reason for Rogue Squadron’s slippage?

According to the report, Jenkins was frustrated with the micromanagement of some Lucasfilm executives and chose to pursue other opportunities while the company will work to solve its internal problems.

“It’s not unusual, of course, but it’s a ridiculously recurring problem at Lucasfilm under Kathleen Kennedy’s presidency, the agents say: The best directors are dying to make a Star Wars movie, until they jump in and experiment with micromanagement and revision of the plot point by point “, wrote Belloni in the latest issue of his newsletter.

“It happened to the Game of Thrones guys, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, who were hired to create a new trilogy but got fired. It also happened to Rian Johnson, writer and director of 2017’s The Last Jedi, whose planned trilogy was shelved. Jenkins was not willing to joke and has other projects, most notably Wonder Woman 3 at Warner Bros., where she enjoys more creative freedom ”.

When it was announced, Star Wars Rogue Squadron was billed as the “greatest fighter pilot movie ever made” for the Star Wars franchise; underlining what the first film of the saga directed by a woman would be like. The latest information from Patty Jenkins was about the script, with the director suggesting it was nearing completion.

Now, Rogue Squadron’s fate appears to be more uncertain than ever.


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