Samsung reveals the price of its new soundbars for 2022 with wireless Dolby Atmos

One of the great references when buying a sound bar is Samsung. The Seoul-based firm boasts a catalog beyond any doubt. And now, the firm has just announced at an event held in South Korea, the official price of Samsung HW-Q990B and HW-S800B soundbars.

As you can see in the press release published the technology giant, In this way, the firm has announced two new bars that have just landed in the Korean market and that will soon reach the rest of the countries, including Spain. And we already add that the new Samsung sound bars for 2022 have some very remarkable elements.

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New Samsung soundbars for 2022

We will start by talking about the design of this sound bar Samsung HW-Q990B, where the finishes in noble materials give this equipment a truly impressive appearance. In addition, it has an LED screen on the front to facilitate the control of the operating status and information of the device.

And watch out for Samsung HW-S800B, an ultra-slim model of 38 mm in height and 40 mm in thickness to look better than ever in your home. In addition, this product has been designed to complement the Frame TV and future brown and teak deck covers that will arrive in the coming months.

Samsung HW-Q990B, this is the company’s best sound bar

2022 Samsung sound bar

For starters, the HW-Q990B series provides 3D surround sound by using 11.1.4 channel speakers and Dolby Atmos, which is complemented by the improved ‘Q-Symphony’ function compared to the previous model.

This technology links the speakers of your Smart TV with those of the sound bar to offer an even more complete acoustic landscape. What’s more, This new version allows you to use all the TV’s speakers, so the sound is even better.

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To give you an idea, when you connect this bar to a Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV (QN900B series), it uses up to 22 channels (16 sound bar channels + 6 TV channels) to achieve surprisingly good 3D sound.

It should be noted that, in addition, It is the first Samsung sound bar that incorporates its new system that allows it to be connected to the television via WiFi, without the need for an HDMI cable. In addition, it offers Dolby Atmos 3D support wirelessly, and SpaceFit (SpaceFit) and Automatic sound. EQ function is also installed.

2022 Samsung soundbar

Regarding the Samsung HW-S800B, although the sound bar is super slim, it has two top speakers on the left and right sides and implements 3.1.2 channels, so you can experience the powerful surround sound of Dolby Atmos.

Il-kyung Seong, Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said: “IThe number of consumers who value the sound experience as much as the quality of television when enjoying home entertainment is increasing. We will be number one of the year in a row.”

Finally, The company has announced that this year they will launch 11 sound bars on the market in 2022, in addition to the Samsung HW-Q990B and HW-S800B. Regarding the price and release date, at the moment they are only available in South Korea, and we will have to wait for them to confirm when they will arrive in Spain and their official price.

  • Samsung HW-Q990B: 1.89 million won, about 1400 euros to change
  • Samsung HW-S800B: 889,000 won, about 663 euros to change

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