So you can calibrate your PS4 controller and correct its problems

Surely playing on your PS4 you have had certain spin problems in certain games. Normally this is more pronounced in FPS titles, since you can’t really aim at the enemy, which is more than annoying. It may be that one of the joysticks on your controller is broken or has problems, but it may also be that you have to calibrate East I send in you PS4but do you know how it can be done?

All brands, without exception, are experiencing calibration problems with their controls for their consoles. No one is safe and in many cases these problems have no solution as such other than changing the complete joystick or even its electronics. But luckily the vast majority is solved just by calibrating said controller and on PS4 it is no different, but it is a somewhat more complex process than we might think.

How to calibrate a PS4 controller in just 5 minutes

First of all, we disconnect the console from the power supply and leave the controller with battery and without the cable plugged in, since it is necessary so as not to interfere with the process. Now we take the control and we turn it. Next to the left trigger we have a small holewhich will need something pointed and medium long to be pressed.


When we have it at hand we will press it for six seconds continuously, which will indicate to the remote that we want to calibrate it from there and individually. The next step is to squeeze and press the two joysticks called L3 and R3 with which we normally play.

The pulsation must again be uninterrupted for 30 secondswhich will activate the next step for the calibration, since until now we are only verifying that the controller enters that test mode to later save the data of the two axes for each joystick.

Two turns for a complete calibration

The next step is quite simple, but you have to do it really well. And it is that you have to turn both joystick R3 and L3 in the direction counterclockwise in up to 5 times, that is, you have to do 5 spins in the counterclockwise direction.

After this, you have to do the same but clockwise. We insist that you have to do it as precisely as possible, without the joystick moving away from the edges of its natural rotation, since this would add a greater problem of lack of precision, so it is something that we must take our time to get right. , since there is no time limit.


Once this is done we leave the command, we connect the console and we plug in said command using its wire to it and we start playing the game that has given us the most problems. If none of this works, then we definitely have to take the controller to be repaired, where a technician will see if it is possible to change the joystick as such or does it need any more repair and even if it is possible to repair it, since there are not a few controllers of PS4 that have had to be replaced.

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