Sony introduces new Crystal LED monitors

The Japanese company has introduced new Crystal LED monitors that are integrated into the BH and CH series, a move with which Sony has strengthened its position in the premium high-end monitor sector. The BH series consists of the ZRD-BH12D and ZRD-BH15D models, and the CH series consists of the ZRD-CH12D and ZRD-CH15D models.

According to Sony, the BH series offers a high level of brightness and a high reproduction of the color spacewhile the CH series stands out for offering some deep blacks. Damien Weissenburger, Director of Professional Display & Solutions Europe, commented:

“Our Crystal LED monitors continue to be the benchmark. With the launch of the BH and CH series, we have made Crystal LED be more accessible by offering customers cheaper options that inherit similar superior image quality, greatness and reliability, along with greater installation flexibility.”

Delving into its technical details, we see that the BH series reaches a brightness of 1,700 nits, while the CH series reaches 1,300 nits. Both use the new Sony X1 Image Processor, which guarantees good performance, total fluidity and excellent image quality. Among the outstanding functions of said processor, 22-bit Super Bit Mapping, Reality Creation and Motionflow deserve a special mention.

Both monitors offer different size and resolution options (the customer can choose them), they are integrated in a very thin coating to make installation as easy as possible, and they come calibrated from home to deliver top-notch image quality. Over time, Sony will release firmware updates that will further improve color uniformity.

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These new monitors from Sony are 10% lighter and thinner than current models, and use fewer parts, reducing the installation process by up to 20%. Its efficiency has also improved by 25%. We know they will be available sometime this spring.

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