SONY is desperate: PS5 out of stock? We increased the PS4

SONY PS5 has no doubt that it has been a great success in every way, even being a staunch PC gamer is a merit that they have earned and it is worth recognizing it, and more so in such difficult moments of production with the existing supply problems in the technology sector worldwide. For this, the Japanese giant will continue the production of PS4 in order to alleviate the shortage of demand for the latest PlayStation. Out of stock of PS5? Well, there you have more of his previous sister.

Although the coexistence between generations of consoles is usually normal, the cessation of production of PlayStation 4 is expected at the end of 2021, but the news extracted about the increase in production of the previous generation makes the market speculate about the possible causes.

Out of stock of SONY PS5, so take PS4

Although the cessation of manufacture of the SONY PS4 It had not been publicly disclosed and they are within the private framework of action of the Japanese conglomerate, it was expected that by the end of 2021 the assembly of the model would be stopped, where according to anonymous sources close to the brand it will work exclusively with the sale of the units already in stock , thus giving rise to the exclusive manufacture of the Playstation 5.

By placing SONY’s decision about continuing the production of PS4 during this 2022, it should be noted that this has been the best-selling console in history. Presented in 2013 and with more than 116 million units sold to date, It is still a demand in the market, if we analyze the sale of this Christmas we can see how in much of the world the PS4 continues to be the king among gifts, being an important part of its global income for the company. One of the reasons for this is its price, which is significantly lower than the PS5, which makes it still attractive for most homes.

Internal strategy by SONY

PS5 Alternative Cover

The unofficial information collected through these sources suggests that this decision comes among others in the face of the company’s action to enter into negotiations with factories and suppliers, thus reinforcing its position with the manufacture of PS4. It should be noted that this is cheaper and easier to carry out, being able to continue production and increasing overall productivity more economically, giving SONY more room for maneuver and action when negotiating with its partners involved in this process.

With this, it achieves an advantage to obtain better deals, among which a greater number of chips could be found, or priority when obtaining them to thus reinforce the production of PlayStation 5 in parallel.

The supply problem has long affected all technology manufacturers, whatever their field. Although SONY has as its main source of income the license of the games, they are working to meet that need for PS5 that exists in the market almost since its launch, either by reinforcing production or filling the quota with PS4, which continues to be a console still in demand and booming in much of the world.

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