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Actually, we mean AI-centric platforms that we can interact with in different ways through our keyboard. In fact, on certain occasions we can converse with these chatbots just as we we would do with a human being. What’s more, for many it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the conversations we have with another person or with a machine.

From what has been verified over the last few months, everything related to these AI-focused applications and platforms have not stopped growing. This is something that extends to both the number of proposals and their functions. We are talking about intelligent programs powered by Artificial Intelligence designed to respond as if it were humans, to our text messages.

Perhaps the most interesting thing here is that we will have the possibility to hold talks, ask all kinds of questions or request predictions. In addition, it must be taken into account that many of these current platforms are prepared to continue learning based on the information we provide them. Obviously, the use that can be given to this type of application is almost infinite. can be used for advertisementspublications in social networks, or content of all kinds. Let’s see some of the most interesting options that we can try today.


For many, this is the Artificial Intelligence platform par excellence that comes to us from OpenAI, and the best known. We find ourselves with a tool capable of generating both texts and from a series of instructions that we give it. uses GPT-3 and is prepared to learn and make intelligent predictions. It has a huge database of information and billions of built-in parameters.

It recognizes multiple languages ​​and programming languages ​​to produce text content. How could it be otherwise, it simulates any conversation as if we were chatting with another person. ChatGPT remembers and expands your internal information as we interact with the platform. The worst thing is that its knowledge base is limited to 2021.


Here we find an interesting proposal Microsoft whose main objective is to facilitate our search experience thanks to AI. Hence, we could say that this is somewhat different from the behavior of other alternatives that focus more on producing content. In addition, it uses the latest learning model, GPT-4, which means that it has a greater precision in the answers offered. It is more creative and collaborative than other similar alternatives and is linked to the firm’s search engine.


Gathers more up-to-date information than other AI chatbots and cites sources, read PDF files and helps us obtain the most accurate information in searches. You can also generate content from the Compose tab that it offers us.


As with the previously mentioned ChatGPT, this is an AI-based chatbot specially designed for text content creation. In fact, its developers want to focus this tool on the commercial sector, so its contents can be perfect for the ad creation and elements of marketing.

In the same way, we can use it, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence, to create all kinds of texts in various languages ​​from a series of terms that serve as a base.

Rytr AI

Jasper Chat

This is a proposal that is also based on AI that offers us some interesting functions such as improving our texts or checking for plagiarism. In addition, it is responsible for creating all kinds of content based on different templates and supports more than 29 languages.


According to its developers, its main objective is to create various text content formats. Articles, books, scripts, comments for social networks and much more are included. One of its most interesting points is that it allows us to create custom AI templates. With this we achieve that Jasper can generate the exact type of content that we are looking for or need. In addition, it is one of the best proposals for the team work.

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