Super Safe Mode comes to Edge and improves RAM and CPU savings

This is something that we have been able to verify since its initial launch, something that over time has been established. We tell you all this because right now Microsoft has announced that the Edge Vulnerability Research team is testing a new feature in this regard. They have called it Super safe mode and it has been created to bring new security enhancements to the program, without significant performance losses.

What is Edge’s Super Safe Mode

Thus, when the new Super Safe Mode is enabled, Microsoft’s Edge browser removes the JIT compilation from the V8 JavaScript engine. This alone reduces the attack surface that internet attackers can use to hack into user systems. At this point it is worth knowing that based on some studies carried out throughout 2019, around 45% of the vulnerabilities found in the V8 engine JavaScript and WebAssembly, were related to the aforementioned JIT compiler.

Therefore, this reduction in the attack surface is intended to significantly improve the security of users and their computers. This eliminates about half of the security flaws related to the V8 JavaScript engine. This is something that Johnathan Norman, Head of Research at vulnerabilities from Microsoft Edge. Thus, with this movement, half of the security flaws caused by exploits are eliminated. In addition, we must know that at the same time each vulnerability avoided with this method complicates the arrival of others.

Activate the new security feature in your browser

To put it another way, with Super Safe Mode, problems are saved for users, but we increase those of attackers to succeed in their work. Also, although the JIT compiler is designed to increase the performance of the computer during program execution, disabling it in Super Safe Mode does not always have negative effects.

At the same time we must know that this is a mode that is still in the experimental phase. But with everything and with it the Super Safe Mode can be activated by users in the preliminary versions of Edge. Specifically, we refer to the versions Beta, Dev and Canary. For this, it is enough that we create the following in the address bar of the program:


Next, we will only have to activate the new security feature.

Edge 94 will put inactive tabs to sleep

Changing the third, Microsoft is also testing a new function in its preliminary versions of Edge, but now related to the use of the eyelashes. Thus, if we have a lot of tabs open, the ones that are running in the background can also consume resources. This will negatively affect system performance and the browsing experience. Therefore, it is now being tested Sleeping Tabs, a function to reduce memory consumption, CPU and battery.

This is a functionality that Microsoft added to Edge 94 in order to put inactive tabs to sleep. It is also important to know that these, to differentiate themselves from normal lashes, will look a little faded. Also, when you click on a tab in idle, it will be activated immediately. We have the possibility to adjust the time interval so that they go inactive to a minimum of 5 minutes.

Save resources

To activate this in the Canary version of Edge, we access its setting and we are in System and performance. Here we will see the section on Saving resources with waiting tabs so that we can activate and configure it.

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