The 5 best Xbox 360 games according to Metacritic

As the years go by, one comes to understand that there are times when a console does not receive all the compliments it deserves until it is no longer manufactured. It is the case of Xbox 360 which, although at the time it managed to beat Sony and its PlayStation 3 In some territories, it has not been as recognized as it would have deserved. Although now it seems that things are already falling into place.

For all those who are a little aware of the news from the world of video games, you have surely learned that soon, more specifically in the month of April 2024, the Xbox 360 digital store will stop working after almost two decades of uninterrupted service. We are not going to lie to you, this news has left us especially sad, since it is the farewell to one of the most legendary consoles so far this century, although we can continue to buy many of its successes in the current Xbox for Series store. X|S.

The best games of a legendary machine

And on this occasion, to celebrate the legacy of the Xbox 360, we bring you what are considered the five best titles that came out for this console according to the scholars votes left by users on Metacritic. We shut up once and for all and start now.

5.Mass Effect 2

We cannot talk about the seventh generation of consoles without mentioning the franchise Mass Effect. Thanks to elements such as its story, the tactical combats, its decision-making system that caused the stories to have a high replay value, this second installment was positioned as one of the best titles in history. Its Metacritic score of 96 confirms this.

4. The Orange Box

One of the studios that developed the best at the beginning of the century was Valve, which gave us titles that have become part of history. Well, for Xbox 360 a package that united two of the company’s best products, more specifically Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. For a fan, Having these two classics on the same album was a blessing. Putting them together sounds like a good idea, as supported by its 96 on Metacritic.

3. Bioshock

Who hasn’t heard how good the first one is? bioshock? With one of the best settings we have ever seen in any audiovisual medium, and a combat system that has stood the test of time surprisingly well, it is not surprising that it is classified as one of the best games ever. On Metacritic it has a score of 96.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

Another franchise that shone on Xbox 360 was Grand Theft Autosince two of its best deliveries appeared for this console. This villa offers us an open world that will allow us to give free rein to our darkest desires, in addition to having a story that reminds us of the best films by Tarantino or Scorsese. On Metacritic it has a 97 and its Online mode is still alive to this day.

1. Grand Theft Auto IV

Although the fifth installment is a great game like the top of a pine tree, the story of its predecessor is in another league entirely. A revolutionary graphic section for the time, a protagonist who has one of the best character developments in video games, and an ability to act out like we have never seen before… are some of the characteristics that have made the game stand out. GTA IV its 97 on Metacritic and the title of best Xbox 360 game.

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