The 5 weirdest Batman stories

Smith is a supergeek, but here the braking went over. To begin with, all the characters, including Batman, are too fond of vulgar jokes, such as: «I slept with the Penguin and I was a transsexual» or references to your suit getting wet.

Introducing a new hero capable of beating even the Joker in five seconds, or bringing back Batman’s old crush, Silver St. Cloud, to end his throat slit after 6 numbers of constant sex, was too much for DC.

2. Batman and Captain America

The crossover that maybe you didn’t know what you wanted. DC and Marvel team up on the series Elseworlds for a story that takes us back to WWII.

Captain America has a mission, an evil call Joker is suspected of espionage, but the heads of the Cap they think the legendary villain is just a pawn of the true brain, the millionaire Bruce Wayne.

Steve Rogers infiltrates working as Bruce’s bodyguard and the story doesn’t have much more to it. John Byrne prints a style Golden age Classic, which does not delve into the dark and shows Batman and Captain America teaming up against the Nazis. A rarity that is difficult to repeat.

3. Batman and the rainbow suit

Bane tells Batman that he was born in the dark and that Bruce Wayne is just an adopted son. Maybe he was actually referring to the time when Batman dressed in rainbows.

Blame it again on The Golden Age, more innocent and with the premise that nothing of so much blackness, violence, or suspicious chemistry between Batman and Robin. That less violent Batman is announced in issue # 241 of Detective comics with the slogan: “Rainbow Batman”, which we do not know how many fans it attracted.

Even Superman reminds him on Trinity number 1 (2008). However, Batman replies that he has no recollection of those facts.

There is even a Funko that commemorates it, dear Wayne.

4. The wedding of Batman and Lois Lane

That Batman has had more weddings than a soap opera is something that all fans know. Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, Batwoman … and Lois Lane, Superman’s eternal girlfriend.

On Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane Issue 57, the intrepid reporter thinks Bruce Wayne is Superman. Always in love with Kal-El, she begins a relationship that takes her to the altar.

Everything seems like it will end in the “Yes, I do,” but Superman also attends the ceremony, which makes Lois Lane planted Batman at the altar and I never thought I’d write something like that, but here we are.

5. Batman RIP

After so many adventures, it is normal that the scriptwriters have to resort to increasingly convoluted stories. But in 2008, Grant Morrison took the award.

On Batman RIP, Bruce Wayne becomes Zur-En-Arrh, a reserve identity that he previously implanted in his mind, in case he breaks down psychologically, which happens when Black Mask injects him with a powerful hallucinogen.

Another brightly colored Bat-suit and to be advised by a Bat-mite? are some of the “cool” ideas in the comic.

Let’s see how many of these stories the next Matt Reeves movie is inspired by.

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