The big problem with having an Android and an Apple Watch

The Apple is the best smart watch on the market, due to its benefits, quality of materials and its objective of improving people’s health, you know, through sensors or personalized training programs. However, the Watch has a serious problem If you do not have an iPhone and this entry we are going to discuss it and see a possible solution.

iPhone’s best friend

He Apple Watch is the iPhone’s best friend because it allows you to have everything you need on your wrist, however, it is also the most dependent on it, since it loses most of its functions and benefits if it is not linked to an Apple Watch.

The problem is exacerbated if you have an Android device, since, from the first moment, you have wanted your smart watches do not leave their ecosystem, vetoing the link to other mobiles that do not have an iOS operating system, so you can only link them through the Watch application and not through Bluetooth as it happens with other companies.

Can we force a minimum compatibility?

There is an alternative in which we can get the Apple Watch to work in a similar way to when we have the pairing between an Apple Watch and an iPhone. However, it is a process it’s not cheapbut it is a solution in certain contexts and circumstances.

For this, we need to have a AppleWatch, an iPhone that is compatible with the Watch and the Android device. With respect to iphone, it does not have to be a top-of-the-range device, but it can be an old device that can connect to your Apple Watch. For example, the Apple Watch Series 7 is compatible with the iPhone 6 s and can connect to your iCloud account and your home Wi-Fi network. Obviously, this phone will not be the primary phone, but rather a secondary phone, since our primary phone is an android.

Apple Watch_green

Next, we are going to turn the iPhone into a small server that makes all iPhone notifications also reach the Apple Watch. You also have to have the applications you want downloaded on the iPhone receive notificationsso that once you get them on your iPhone, you get them on your Watch as well.

if you are away from home

The problem comes when you leave your house and the Wi-Fi connection is lost, in this case, the phone Android is the one who has to provide the data to keep Apple Watch connected to iCloud. To do this, from the Android device, we create a Hotspot and temporarily connect Android phone and iPhone. Thus, when we are away from home, we activate the Hotspot, the Apple Watch will connect to it and receive all the notifications. The battery The Apple Watch will resist through this use, but in the event that we have a low battery, we can turn off the Hotspot and activate the LTE connection.

By way of conclusion, Apple, faithful to its ecosystem, has wanted to release a device that cannot be used by third-party equipment. It can be inconvenient for many users, but from a business point of view for Apple it’s a round play, because if you want to enjoy all the advantages of an Apple Watch, you have to have or buy an iPhone.

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