The consultancy, Magic Beans, will open new offices in Valencia and Zaragoza

The Portuguese company, Magic Beans, specialized in providing advisory services, consulting, training and deployment of cloud technology projects, reinforces its presence in Spain with a strong growth strategy. One of the company’s objectives is to grow exponentially in our country, strengthening its current offices in Madrid and Barcelona and opening soon in Valencia and Zaragoza. Among its first objectives is to respond to the growing demand for cloud adoption services in SMEs and startups.

Magic Beans, one of the main AWS Strategic Partners in the Iberian Peninsula, recently awarded AWS Iberian Rising Star Partner of The Year and AWS Consulting Partner of the Year, is recruiting more engineers in Spain. Applications should be sent to

«We have an ongoing campaign to recruit engineers and reach 30 employees as early as 2022 to drive our growth in Spain. This will also be a relevant step for our expansion as a global company throughout the world. In addition, Magic Beans is reinforcing an increasingly innovative, comprehensive and sophisticated offering of cloud adoption services, based on the transformation and modernization of business support platforms to help customers maximize the benefits of elasticity, flexibility , payment for use and technological evolution offered by the cloud»declared Orlando Murias, Country Manager of Magic Beans Spain.

Since its foundation, the company has carried out more than 100 projects, in several countries, in the areas of cloud adoption advice, cost optimizations, architecture evaluations, backup and recovery solutions, storage and archiving, serverless and DevOps. With an experienced team and multiple AWS certifications, Magic Beans is positioned in the market to support businesses on their digital transformation journeys, offering them the level of expertise needed for successful cloud adoption, optimally accelerating the transition. and maximizing the commercial impact of its clients.

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With its main office in Lisbon Portugal, and its first subsidiary in Spain – Madrid, the company also has offices in Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Óbidos, Porto and Brussels and already provides its services in Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany.

Cloud adoption on a global scale

Spain has enormous potential as a nearshore and innovation hub which, combined with Magic Beans’ highly sophisticated and global business model, will be essential to become a key player in the Iberian Peninsula and on a global scale. The level of quality of Spanish technicians it was also one of the triggers for this company’s decision to establish operations in Spain and build a team of highly specialized in cloud adoption and digital transformation.

«Our growth strategy is based on a clear objective: to be the best provider of strategic and technological advisory services for the adoption of the cloud and thus contribute to the real transformation of companies and businesses, providing our clients with the resources that allow us to respond to the challenges of the market now and in the future. Magic Beans focuses on few things and doing them very well so that we can be highly specialized and export our skills to other countries. Spain is a strong nearshore global player and we intend to take advantage of it in our global growth strategy, which also includes the opening of more offices in other cities in Spain.«, reveals Orlando Murias.

In its first months of activity in Spain, Magic Beans has already achieved 30 projects and aims to almost triple this figure in 2022. Housell,, Aiudo and Openvia are on your current list of clients in Spain. In 2022, the company intends to attract more than 75 new clients, from startups, SMEs and medium-sized companies.

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