The famous stairs from The Squid Game in LEGO version!

Squid game in LEGO version

Today it is rare to find someone who has not heard anything about The Squid game, the new series of Netflix hit It is on everyone’s lips and it is normal. Although we also have to say that not everyone likes it, but it does not matter if it has made everyone know that it is a Korean production that is sweeping the popular streaming video platform.

Well, knowing all this, let’s talk now about Simon Liu, one of those people that we could consider as a very fan of LEGO blocks, a master builder capable of getting the most out of it and making practically anything that comes to mind. . Logically with the limitations of using this type of piece, but even so they end up being very striking from what can be seen in his Flickr gallery.

In the photo gallery you have on Flickr with constructions based on LEGO pieces you can see all kinds of figures, objects, etc. Some are really striking and demonstrate their ability to imagine such different creations as well as the good use of each type of piece. Of course, among all of them the last two photos uploaded stand out.

These photographs correspond to a recreation that Simon Liu has carried out of the already popular ladders from The Squid Game in LEGO version. Labyrinthine and colorful stairs that he has managed to recreate in a very successful way thanks to the use of colors very similar to those seen in the series itself. Moreover, without being exactly the same, at first they will give you the impression of seeing an exact replica.

Relativity, the work that inspired these stairs

The Squid Game

As we told you not long ago, the stairs of the Korean title The Squid game It is one of the many curiosities that the series has left us. These are a homage to the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher, a Dutch artist well known for his engravings and especially for the one that I title as Relativity.

Relativity It is a work where a somewhat particular staircase is represented and not only because of that black and white finish, but also because gravity itself is challenged by playing with perspectives to recreate a very striking and different work.

Well, those stairs are the base on which those that we have seen in The Squid game and that were used to take the participants from the room in which they all slept together to the different areas for each of the games they had to play if they wanted to win the final prize.

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