The future of Philips Hue will be brighter and more varied than it already is

Brighter, more varied and more connected

Any brand knows what happens to continue to attract the attention of its users and attract new ones must be in continuous movement. That implies launching news from time to time and they don’t have to be precisely at the hardware level. Sometimes a good software update can be more than enough to reactivate interest in your products or services.

However, we cannot deny that having new products is always attractive and it seems that one of the main brands in this of intelligent lighting would be preparing a new proposal. We refer to Philips Hue and its future smart bulbs that would arrive from September to further complete the interesting catalog of connected bulbs, according to data published by some specialized media.

The new Philips Hue that the brand will launch will become brighter. That means that if right now they offer about 800 lumens as a maximum brightness level, with the new models they will go to the 1,100 lumens. An increase that may seem little, but that will mean a better experience for all those users who look for more light in larger rooms without having to resort to the use of several lights.

Of course, that will not be the maximum value, apparently it is also working on offering a lighting solution more capable of reaching the 1,600 lumens of power and will be available as Hue White, Hue White Ambiance and Hue Color Ambiance light. That is, it will not be a bulb capable of offering only white light, also warm, cold or RGB colors.

In addition, a new line of LED filament bulbs it is also preparing. These will offer warm white and cool white and a maximum brightness of 550 lumens. Logically they have less power, but they are bulbs that are designed more to decorate and achieve more relaxed environments than for the function of lighting itself when, for example, we want to carry out other activities that require adequate light to carry it out, such as reading.

New products for a new standard, Matter

The launch of these new Philips Hue products may not come alone and the other great news that they have prepared is the start of support for Matter. So all these solutions would already arrive with the corresponding seal that guarantees compatibility with the new connection standard for smart home products.

Logically, as they also commented at the time, there would be a firmware update that would provide the Philips Hue Bridge with support also for Matter. Thus, all current devices could be integrated into Matter-compatible installations and take advantage of the advantages such as better interoperability with different voice assistants, especially Siri.

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