The news of dV Giochi and Ghenos at Lucca Comics and Games 2021

The imminent Lucca Comics and Games 2021 represents a very interesting opportunity for the publishing houses of table games to present the latest news among their products: today we talk about the new titles that we will see at the stands of dV Games And Ghenos Games.

What can we expect from these publishing houses in the coming weeks?

The news of dV Giochi and Ghenos at Lucca Comics and Games 2021

Let’s start with a title that arrives in preview at the Tuscan kermesse. It is about Wonder Book, a cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players and lasting about an hour. We have been lucky enough to try it in the past few days; here is our article dedicated to this important news of the dV Giochi catalog.

Also for dV Giochi, two new titles will arrive for the Decktective and Deckscape series. The investigation of Decktective: The will without an heir they will take us to Holland at the end of the seventeenth century, where we will have to discover the truth about the end of the president of the important Commercial Company, found dead in the same room where an open safe containing his will was found. In Deckspace: Dracula’s Castle, our task will be to bring back a book apparently forgotten for centuries in Transylvania, at the unexpected request of the Count himself!

Ghenos Game will present instead Rolling Realms, created by Jamey Stegmaier (Scythe). It is a roll & write that is played over 3 rounds, lasting about 30 minutes. It can be played by 1 to 6 players, or even more by using more than one copy of the title. Another novelty of the Ghenos catalog is The Sound Maker, a party game by Jonathan Favre-Godal And Corentin Lebrat, in which we are asked to make guess a subject chosen from some images on cards by emitting a sound. The other players will have to be the fastest to guess the image that corresponds to the object of the noise maker.

The last 4 news of Ghenos that we will find at Lucca Comics and Games 2021, in some way, are already familiar to us: let’s talk about Kingdomino Origins, which we reported a few days ago, his expansions of Draftosaurus, Marina And Aerial Show, and finally a new deck for the very compact and hilarious Similo: Chills; this time the theme is horror, right in theme to propose a board game suitable for Halloween night.

Are you going to take a look at the news of dV Giochi and Ghenos Games at the next Lucca Comics and Games 2021, which will start next October 29th? Tell us yours in a comment below!

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