The OnePlus 10 Pro disappoints in photos, it is worse than an iPhone 12 Pro according to DXOMARK

OnePlus’ new high-end smartphone doesn’t seem to do as well as its competitors in photos, according to DXOMARK’s comprehensive test. It would even be worse than the iPhone 12 Pro of 2020.

Credits: OnePlus

Each year, OnePlus hits the market with new high-end devices that offer excellent value for money, and this is the case with its new OnePlus 10 Pro that we were able to test. However, as we noted in our test, although the photo part is very successful, it remains below the competitionand this finding has just been confirmed by DXOMARK experts.

Indeed, DXOMARK has just tested the OnePlus 10 Pro, and awarded it an overall score of 127 points in photography. It’s better than last year’s OnePlus 9 Pro which scored 124 points, but this weak progression prevents it from competing with other high-end smartphones like the Pixel 6 at 132 points, the iPhone 13 Pro Max at 137 points, and even the Honor P50 Pro at 144 points. The OnePlus 10 Pro gets individual Photo, Zoom, and Video scores of 132, 72, and 110 points, respectively.

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The OnePlus 10 Pro really needs a periscope sensor for zoom

In its test, DXOMARK notes that the OnePlus 10 Pro offers good exposure and a wide dynamic range in photos. The level of detail is good, noise is not very present, and the autofocus is very fast and reliable. On the video side, the stabilization does its job well, and the smartphone offers excellent levels of texture in low-light videos.

However, all is not rosy. The smartphone suffers from issues with ghosting artifacts, unnatural rendering of details on faces or pronounced noise in ultra wide-angle shots. White balance isn’t perfect either, and DXOMARK has noticed image lag in video.

Although some of these issues may be fixed by future updates, the smartphone is currently doing less well than the iPhone 12 Pro (128 points)although it was released in 2020. Anyway, the ranking should soon be upset by the arrival of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra and its giant 1-inch sensor.

OnePlus 10 Pro DXOMARK

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