The ‘original’ Barbie appears in the movie trailer and you didn’t realize it

Margot Robbie as Barbie

Several days ago it came to light the Barbie movie official trailer. This is a much more complete advance than the one we enjoyed a few months ago, in which we have finally been able to get an idea of ​​the plot of the nice film. What probably very few noticed is that in said video the person who changed everything appears: the original Barbie, or what is the same, the person who inspired them to create the iconic doll.

Barbie, the Mattel icon returns

When we found out that they were going to launch a barbie movieNot everyone received it with the same enthusiasm. Perhaps because she is a doll that for a long time has represented an ideal of beauty that is now openly fought against, or perhaps because she could not imagine what kind of theme (that would be interesting) such a film could cover.

Be that as it may, its video advances have helped us to verify that the history written by Greta Gerwig it can be much more entertaining than we imagined, especially considering the level of detail and what they have invested in it. And it is that you only have to take a look at the casting, with two cache protagonists as they are Margot Robbie and Ryan Goslingto realize that Warner Bros. Pictures is going all out with this proposal.

The tape hopes to become an icon for fans of the doll and as such, they could not fail to count on an exceptional guest: Bárbara Handler, the person who inspired the creation of Barbie and who even appears in the trailer to delight of the smartest.

Barbara Handler, the real Barbie

Many don’t know it, but both Barbie and Ken are inspired by real people. Elliot and Ruth Handler were an American couple who in 1945 partnered with Harold Matsson to launch the company Mattel. At first, this firm was dedicated to making photo frames and, later, to creating dollhouses, however, in 1959, they decided to launch their first doll.

The name of Barbie comes from Barbara, which was the name of Elliot and Ruth’s daughter. The couple also had a son they named Ken, name that, three years later, would be adopted by the very famous boyfriend of the doll.

Although it lasts a long time Barbara reneged wrist -It does not seem that he lived an easy adolescence due to the continuous allusions made to him due to his resemblance to the Mattel star. However, time (and a large inheritance that he now manages from such an empire) made him reconcile with Barbie to the point of having now agreed to appear in the film.

Barbara Hadler in the movie Barbie

We don’t know how many interventions it will have -possibly it is the brief cameo seen in the trailer-, but at least we have confirmation that Barbara exchanges a few words with Margot Robbie thanks to her appearance in the minute 2:12 of the advance. Yes, it is the adorable old lady who tells our protagonist the motivating phrase “humans only have one end but ideas live forever” and that you have in the capture that you see on these lines.

Did you realize it or did you suspect who it could be?

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