The PC in the form of a portable console, the AYANEO 2, already has a date

Ever since Valve first showed off its Steam Deck we’ve seen a relentless barrage of devices with PC guts inside, but with typical handheld form and usage. Which allows us to enjoy computer games from anywhere. As long as we have enough battery for it of course. Well, one of the most anticipated systems for this year is the AYANEO 2 and we already know its date.

From AMD they seem obsessed with showing us that their technology is used to build a high-caliber portable console, we have not only seen their hardware on the Steam Deck, but also in the different AYA models. All of them with different configurations, but the one that catches our attention the most is the AYANEO 2 with its powerful Ryzen 6800U processor. Which surpasses Valve’s laptop in all aspects, especially in the technical section and in terms of compatibility with PC games as it comes with Windows pre-installed and uses precisely a standard PC processor.

AYANEO 2 already has a release date, it will be in September

Well, if, finally, we know when we will be able to have in our hands the most powerful PC in the form of a portable console of the moment, it will be during the month of September for the first shipments and October for the rest. Although we do not know its final price at the moment and we hope it will be lower than that of the first models, since they were excessively expensive.

The notebook comes equipped with a processor AMD Ryzen 7 6800U, a processor that is usually used for ultra-thin laptops and that has a TDP in its standard configuration of 15 W, but we do not know if it has suffered any cut in voltage and clock speed to reduce its consumption given the form factor used. In any case, inside the main chip of the AYANEO 2 there are 8 Zen 3+ cores against the 4 Zen 2 cores. The graphics? RDNA2 architecture, but with 12 Compute Units instead of 8 as in the Valve system. Specifically, it is a Radeon 680M with a 3.38 TFLOPS capacity computing power. Twice as much as PlayStation 4 and the Steam Deck and very close to the Xbox Series S.

The laptop will come with Windows installed as standard, which will allow you to directly use your Steam games, the Epic Store and the inclusion of Game Pass without the compatibility problems that the Steam Deck has with some games. In addition to his screen is better since it has Full HD resolution in its 7 inches. This is over 300 DPI at handheld viewing distance, and therefore higher image quality than its rival. As for the rest of the specifications we have a 128-bit LPDDR5-6400 bus and one NVMe SSD drive with PCIe Gen 4 bus to be able to save the games, certifying his technical superiority over his rival.

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