The Xiaomi 12 Ultra’s huge photo sensor, Chrome’s huge security flaw, this is the recap

Google Chrome is the victim of a serious security breach, Microsoft removes a practical feature from the Windows 11 taskbar, the photo sensor of the Xiaomi 412 Ultra is revealed, here is the recap of the news of the old.

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Yesterday, tech news was rocked by Google’s announcement of a major security flaw in Chrome, but also Microsoft’s desire to remove a much-appreciated feature from the Windows 11 taskbar. Meanwhile , the Xiaomi 12 Ultra continues to be talked about, revealing a little more of its gigantic photo sensor.

Google advises to install the latest Chrome update as a matter of urgency

Google does not go overboard in its latest blog post on Chrome: it is absolutely necessary to update your browser if it has not yet been done. Indeed, the Mountain View company has detected a serious security flaw already exploited by hackers. All users would be affected. We therefore advise you not to delay installing the patch.

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The taskbar of Windows 11 amputated of a functionality

In Windows 11 build 22572, a feature is missing. While it was previously possible to rearrange hidden taskbar icons, this is no longer possible for Insiders members who have installed the update. To do this, you will have to go through the operating system settings, in the section dedicated to the taskbar. According to Microsoft, this would promote the general optimization of the OS.

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Will the Xiaomi 12 Ultra be better than the iPhone 13 in photos?

The question arises given the size of its photo sensor. According to information from Digital Chat Station, it would indeed measure 1/1.1 inch, larger than all the sensors of the competition. As a result, it will be able to absorb more light and thus improve the quality of day and night shots. If so, the smartphone could widen the gap created by the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, which had obtained a score of 143 in the DxOMARK tests.

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