They give a GUINESS RECORD to the world’s most premature baby: born 132 days before

The small Curtis means it has a very particular history. And it is that he entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most premature baby, because he was born after 21 weeks and one day of gestation and the probability that he survived was 1%, according to the purposes of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

The story does not end there, because Curtis’ mother was pregnant with twins, who were born on July 5, 2020 with a weight of 400 grams each, 132 days earlier than they should have, according to the page of the Guinness World Records; the siblings were rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit, but twin sister did not respond to medical treatment and he passed away the next day.

Despite all prognoses, Curtis recovered thanks to the treatment that regulated his body temperature, helped him breathe and eat; After nine months, the little boy was discharged safely. “Survival to this gestational age has never occurred before, so before Curtis was born his chances of survival would have been much less than one percent,” Dr. Colm Travers, professor in the division of neonatology at the University of Alabama.

Curtis is happy and his life seems like a miracle

Currently Curtis is 16 months old and remains a survivor; his hospital discharge has only been possible by maintaining personalized treatment and special equipment, such as bottled oxygen. His mother described him in his Guinness registration as a “very restless child”.

Only about half of babies born before 24 weeks of pregnancy survive, and babies born before 22 weeks rarely, if ever, live long. A full period of pregnancy is considered to be around 40 weeks, and any baby born before 37 weeks is considered premature.

Babies born prematurely are often smaller and often have lung problems because those are the last vital organs to develop in the womb. They are also more likely to be born with intestinal, hearing, vision, or dental problems.


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