This incredible craft recreates the Netflix intro with wool threads

Last week was one of the worst in Netflix history. The streaming service published its financial results for the first quarter and things did not go well at all. Hundreds of thousands of clients had left the platform, and the stock market crash was considerable. However, it was not all bad news. While everyone was talking about the Netflix disaster, an artist has recreated his intro with skeins of wool and his video has gone viral.

Thread by thread: recreating the Netflix intro with stop-motion

Can the Netflix intro be recreated by hand? This is what he proposed youtuber Kevin Perry some days ago. This specialist in animation studied the famous “tudum” and came to the conclusion that it could be recreated frame by frame in his studio using the technique of stop-motion. To do this, he steeled himself, assembled a whole stall of accessories and lights before getting down to work.

In the video, Kevin Parry explains step by step how he created the animation. From the storyboard to the final animation. To make the clip, the artist has used skeins of wool. The whole process has cost him just 30 dollars, but the really expensive thing in this project has been time. Parry took about a few three days in making the animation. Few people have the patience to spend so much time photographing threads against a dark background—and then reviewing the photos to weed out the wrong ones. During the process, Perry has had to recreate each frame of the original intro with the wool and take a photograph. We are definitely glad that her work has gone viral, because that work is not paid.

Once Parry managed to assemble the images and add the original sound, the result could not be better. Visually, the animation looks identical to the original video. Obviously, you can see that it is made with wool and it even has some details that indicate that the animation is made by hand, which gives a very special touch to this intro that we all know and that we like so much.

The value of work done by hand

In a world in which it is becoming easier to hire a 3D designer to create an intro or wallpaper for you, more and more value is being placed on doing things by hand. Now that almost anything you can imagine can be done with motion graphics, artisans they are back in fashion, as they are still capable of surprising the viewer.

A few years ago, LG did something similar with the wallpaper on its LG G6. Although the result might look like it was made with image editing programs, the Koreans captured it using a series of juxtaposed sheets of cellophane. Then they published making of so we could all see the great work that went under that simple wallpaper.

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