This theory ensures that Loki is trolling us

Caught in Lamentis

We repeat it one more time: then you could receive quite a few spoilers of Loki’s plot.

The third chapter, called Lamentis, left us with the beginning of what appears to be a friendly relationship between Loki and Sylvie. After she managed to slow him down in his plans to open the golden door in the TVA barracks, Loki used a TemPad to open an interdimensional door to Lamentis, exactly in the year 2077. That is the moment when a cataclysm occurs that will destroy all the inhabitants of the planet. Loki and Sylvie must find a way to escape, although everything will get complicated when they discover that the TemPad does not have enough power to create a new teleportation gate.

The theory of deception

Loki - Skrull

The situation at the end of the chapter becomes even more worrisome when the ship in which they could escape ends up being destroyed by a meteorite, so the chapter ends with Loki and Sylvie staring disconsolately at the destruction of their only escape, as the TemPad was destroyed. completely by jumping from the Ark that was carrying them towards the city.

And this is where theory comes into play. What if all of this had been a creation of the God of deception himself? As they point out on the YouTube channel Everything AlwaysIn the first chapter, Loki was able to have in his hand a Time Stone from among the many Infinity Stones that were kept in one of the desks in the TVA offices.

Thanks to this stone, he could have created an illusion With which to fool Sylvie into thinking that the TemPad is broken, to get as much information as possible, such as that the TVA workers are all humans who have been trapped in offices for more than 100 years.

Is Loki really creating an illusion to fool Sylvie? Remember that at the beginning of the chapter we can see how she makes the same move with a member of the TVA to extract information from the Guardians of Time, so it would be quite fun to see how Loki does exactly the same with her.

The Lamentis track

Avengers Tower

On the other hand, that the planet Lamentis appears in this chapter might not be the result of chance. As they point out in the video, this planet is the same that appears in the comic Annihilation Conquest # 1, a series featuring Guardians of the Galaxy made up of alternate versions of Peter Quill and Drax’s daughter, Moondragon, as well as Quasar, a superhero with the same powers as Captain Marvel.

This could lead to a relationship between multiverses that would serve to link the future installments of phase 4 of the UCM, so we cannot wait any longer to know what happens in the next chapter of Loki to begin to cross out possible variants of this and other theories. .

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