This youtuber has his own LEGO room and it’s amazing

While most of us mortals develop our hobbies geeky as we can, with a small budget and even less room at home, there are those who set up true temples to obsession, dedicated to starwarsthe gaming or hobbies Similar. And if yours is LEGO, prepare to die of envy with the LEGO room that has been set up youtuber what are we going to teach you.

There are LEGO fans and LEGO FANS. Among the latter is, without a doubt, the youtuber Bricksie, nickname of Canadian fan Jordan Forsythe.

With more than 206,000 subscribers on his channel, his videos revolve around the Danish brand’s toys. unboxing LEGO, set reviews, tours for its collections… and, above all, it has a series of videos dedicated to updating us with the latest news from its room dedicated entirely to LEGO sets.

A LEGO room that will make you drool

One of its most recent updates is this one that you can see above. In it we can appreciate in all its splendor the new acquisitions and modifications that it makesconstantly, to his particular temple dedicated to LEGO.

Bricksie spends more than half an hour dedicated to showing us every detail of the huge room and here you go some of the highlights Of the same.

Located in his basement, Bricksie construction started in August 2020 and, of course, he also made a video of the beginning of the project.

Since then it has rained a lot and the room currently contains:

  • More of 950 LEGO sets all types.
  • A LEGO city of more than 76 square meters and that it is the main jewel of the room, as well as the construction to which he spends the most time.
  • That city has different districts or parts thereofas the area of camp groundwhere they coexist from medieval sets, to one of winnie the poohbut they fit pretty well. Beach, port, boats, trains that move through the city (Jordan is a great fan of trains)… Of course, he does not lack for anything.
  • A LEGO wall on the wall (with his name) made up of 15,000 bricks of different colors.
  • Shelves stocked, and we mean stocked, with boxes and assembled models of virtually every line of LEGO sets, from Halo to starwarsthrough more advanced kits such as LEGO techniques.

On top of that, Jordan is quite the celebrity in the LEGO community. This has made the brand itself recognize it as ambassador of the same in 2021. In addition, he has organized charity events, aimed at raising money and that have reached more than 16,000 dollars dedicated to causes such as the fight against cancer.

Bricksie is one of those people who has fulfilled his dream. He started collecting LEGO in 2015 and became youtuber the next year. In August 2020, when the room we have shown you started, decided to quit his job of 16 years as a store manager and devote himself entirely to making videos.

And judging by his incredible project, the truth is that he seems to be doing quite well.

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