Tragedy in England: a dad murdered his baby with Down syndrome and the mother covered it up

A 28-year-old English man was he is sentenced to life imprisonment for him murder of her baby barely six months old and who suffered Down’s Syndrome. In the midst of a fit of anger, Mihai-Catalin Gulie shook him so hard it caused a brain injury which resulted in the boy’s death three days after he was hospitalized.

The small Robert Ion was born in 2020 with Down Syndrome, but also suffered from other medical complications that required special attention. According to the Liverpool authorities, where his parents’ trial took place, the boy was hospitalized on February 18 of this year and it was pronounced dead on the 21st.

The events occurred at his home in Widnes, Chesire, England, require local media. The man had a fit of anger and brutally shook the child while her mother had gone out to the store with her other two-year-old daughter. Gabriela Ion, mother of the baby covered up the damage that the man did to Robert and tried to hide the bruises and wounds.

The woman said nothing despite the fact that about 10 days before, her husband had severely assaulted the child. Had broken ribss and a cerebral hemorrhage that was not treated in time, more than with home remedies that he looked for in internet pages. The baby was hospitalized until February 18, but did not recover and died a few days later.

They sentenced the baby’s parents

This week the hearing to fix sentence to Mihai-Catalin Gulie and Gabriela Ion, parents of little Robert. The judge in charge of the case stressed that the man had a complicated temperament and regretted that the child “suffered so much pain in the last days of life,” reported the Daily Mail.

While to the mother, he told her that he should have sought immediate help to treat the baby’s wounds and bruises. “If you had, the broken ribs would have been discovered and Robert would be alive today … It’s something you will have to live with for the rest of your days,” said the judge.

The family originally from Romania had moved to England in 2019. According to their neighbors, it was common to hear screams from both parents; one of them said that the children “lived in a climate of aggression” and that he often heard them cry.

Gabriela was sentenced to three years in prison for not protecting his young son and allowing his murder, while the father will serve a life sentence for Robert’s murder, although upon serving 20 years of sentence he could be considered eligible for parole.


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