TravelPerk and Expensya will simplify expense management

Little by little we are finally recovering normality at the international level. This is allowing the business trip are being held more and more frequently, a reality to which TravelPerk and Expensya have responded with an interesting alliance that promises to make our lives easier, as we are going to tell you below.

Digital management tools have helped us a lot to simplify, and optimize, the management of numerous professional tasks and operations, especially those that entail a specific cost that, later on, we will need to adequately reflect and justify. Well, that’s where that alliance between TravelPerk and Expensya is going to play a very important role.

Expensya is an automated management solution for companies’ expenses, and has announced its integration with the Barcelona Start-Up TravelPerk, an all-in-one platform that facilitates payments and reservations for flights, hotels, trains and rental cars. With the alliance between TravelPerk and Expensya it will be possible simplify the management of business travel costs.

This integration will be carried out via API, so that travel expenses will be consolidated in Expensya without the client having to do anything specific. Thus, all the parties involved will have full control of the expenses generated by a trip, and will enjoy a global vision of them, and a unified management. This will allow companies to save time and money, and focus their efforts on other more important tasks.

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Kelly Jewison, Head of Product Partnerships and Business Development at TravelPerk:

“Integration with Expensya has been quick, easy, and hassle-free. Customers can enjoy comprehensive management of business travel expenses, from reporting to smart validation. This is a must for any modern business that wants to optimize their travel budgets and take them to the next level.

This integration between TravelPerk and Expensya will allow automatically retrieve invoices and all travel services from the TravelPerk platform and integrate them into the Expensya application as expenses. In this way, business travelers no longer have to worry about managing their travel expenses as it is a native integration. The transmission, verification and approval of the expenses that occur will be easier and more fluid for the financial teams, thanks to the automated validation flows.

It is important to note that, in addition, all expenses related to business trips will be available within 24 hours in the Expensya application. This allows employees to quickly submit their expense reports for reimbursement, and will have the option to export to PDF to have your travel expenses with your receipts in that format.

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