Twitter accuses Elon Musk of wanting to delay the trial to harm the company

The twitter buy It has become a real soap opera. After weeks ago Elon Musk offered 44,000 million dollars to buy it for a few weeks after beginning to show signs that he did not want it and finally withdrawing the offer, everything has ended in court. After Musk decided, and announced, that he was not going to buy Twitter, the company sued him to force him to honor the deal. But Musk is not going to make it so easyand is trying by all means to delay the trial, whose first hearing is going to be held today, until 2023.

Logically, Twitter wants it to take place as soon as possible, preferably in mid-September, for which it has requested a speedy trial. And he hasn’t wasted any time responding to Elon Musk’s attempts to slow him down. Thus, according to CNBC, from the social network they have accused the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX of use delay tactics to harm the company in the public eyeand also in court. They do not believe that, according to their lawyers, they need time to investigate whether Twitter has given uncertain data about the number of spam accounts and bots on its platform.

Twitter’s lawyers have noted that “the earliest possible trial date is imperative. This dispute, which is very public, damages Twitter every day that Musk does not honor his agreement. Musk amplifies this damage by using the company’s own platform as a megaphone to speak ill of it.«. As they comment, in addition, there is another point to take into account, since «Millions of shares of Twitter trade every day under the clock of the debt created by Musk. No listed company of this size and scale has ever had to endure these uncertainties.«.

As the exchange of accusations continues, the trial hearingas we have mentioned, is being held today in a Delaware court. But it will be through videoconference, since the chancellor who is in charge of the case, Kathleen McCormick, has informed the parties that she has tested positive for COVID-19. A minor inconvenience for the course of the case, although it is possibly better for the parties, at least for the moment, since they do not have to physically share the same room.

Photo: Daniel Oberhaus

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