Update your iPhone 12 or 13 now: iOS 15.1.1 fixes this bug

Without notice, Apple made official yesterday the iOS 15.1.1 release. Of course, it was not a launch to use as a normal and current version of iOS, since it has been a version exclusive for iPhone 12 and 13. The reason is some problems with the calls reported in these ranges of devices. Here we tell you all the details about this new update.

The unexpected and exclusive iOS 15.1.1

Normally Apple releases a large version of its iPhone operating system once a year. In this 2021 it was iOS 15. After these, intermediate versions such as iOS 15.1 or the future iOS 15.2 are arriving, although in between three-digit updates may arrive with which to correct any performance and / or security problem. And it is the case of this iOS 15.1.1, which is only available for these terminals:

  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

iphone 13 and iphone 12

Therefore, phones from iPhone 6s to iPhone 11 Pro Max are completely out, except that in the next few hours it also comes out for them, although it is not what is expected. And it is that what basically brings this version as a novelty is fix a bug in calls that it was only present in some units of those mobiles, although not in all. Apparently, there were numerous reports that spoke of calls being cut, so Apple has seen fit to release this update with which this problem no longer occurs.

iOS 15.2 is already on the horizon

As we told you before, the next thing that should come to the iPhone will be iOS 15.2. This version is already in its third beta for developers, which was launched precisely this week. It will incorporate fewer new features than the initial iOS 15.0, although there are some improvements that are already being seen in those previous versions. For example, being able to control macro photos from the camera interface in iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, being able to choose a contact to leave our digital legacy to or the application privacy report announced by Apple in the last WWDC in June. .

According to the date it will be released this version is all unknown. From Cupertino they do not usually have as a routine setting dates for these launches or at least not publicly. The surprise arrival of iOS 15.1.1 reveals that they did not have this next thought immediately, since otherwise they would have waited for its launch to correct the problem. However, it will be rare for it to go beyond first half of December, which is when Apple usually releases its latest updates of the year.

Be that as it may, we insist on emphasizing that the arrival of versions such as iOS 15.1.1 can always be without prior notice and although at the moment there are no serious problems reported, it cannot be ruled out that for security reasons or unforeseen events in the development of 15.2 we could get to see another intermediate. In any case, at La Manzana Mordida we will continue to report any news in this regard.

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