How is the New Megapays Engine Shaking up the Slots Market?

Online slots are the most played casino games in the world, and their popularity has led to constant innovation and evolution in their gameplay mechanics. Developers are desperately seeking ways to improve what already exists, and this has been done recently through the invention of new game engines.

Big Time Gaming is well-known for coming up with the Megaways engine, and the Australian developer now owned by Evolution has recently done it again with the Megapays mechanic. This has been described as a feature that could revitalize the progressive slots genre.

The Great Pigsby is a Brand New Megapays Game

If you’ve been browsing through pages of online slots recently, you’ll probably have noticed that there are numerous new mechanics to choose from. One of the newest games on the market is The Great Pigsby Megapays, which is one of the first offerings to use the new engine from BGT. This is a progressive jackpot slot that gives players the chance to win one of four rolling prize pools.

As you may have guessed from the title, the game takes inspiration from The Great Gatsby, the well-known 1925 novel from F. Scott Fitzgerald. Relax Gaming opted for a dazzling swine-based twist on the legendary work of fiction, though. It incorporates the Megapays engine, which gives players a chance to win a mini, midi, major, or mega rolling jackpot. The totals for these are displayed at the top of the screen and, when the Megapays symbol is fully highlighted, any of these jackpots could potentially be won on any spin.

Other New Mechanics Pushing Slots Evolution Forward

Megapays is one of many new engines out there that are shaking up the slots market and pushing it forward. If there’s one thing you can be sure about with slots, it’s that they will never stand still. Developers are always desperate to integrate new technology. Since moving online, players have witnessed advances in graphics and gameplay. Now, it is the age of new mechanics.

The best-known fresh feature is BGT’s Megaways engine, a concept that allows for more than 100,000 ways to win. This is because the reels morph and shift in size. Some other new engines include Hyper Hold, Drops & Wins, and Jackpot King. These all offer a slightly different take on traditional slots.

How is the New Megapays Engine Shaking up the Slots Market

Developers Will Still Seek to Innovate Where Possible

It wouldn’t be surprising to see many more engines emerging in the slots market over the next few years, as these mechanics allow the games to spread in different directions. Players are also keen to find out how emerging technology like virtual reality will be integrated. It’s expected that slots will eventually move into VR, but nobody is completely sure how they will look when they do.

The Megapays engine is the latest in a line of innovative features that have put the slots market into a state of metamorphosis. It’s clear that the games are heading to the next stage of their evolution, and savvy developers are taking advantage of this by bringing out new mechanics. There are likely to be many more upgrades to the games over the next few years.

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