Viral TikTok reveals historical error in Call of Duty: Vanguard

A detail that did not exist at the time

Call of Duty Vanguard

Remember that Call of Duty: Vanguard will take us to a time located in a Second World War where various battles are taking place in various corners of the planet. The game will continue to ooze with action in abundance, however, it seems that, between so much explosion and shooting, there is someone who has noticed a small detail that should not be there.

That’s what a post on TikTok from SprectreX Gaming, who has shown an image of the Alpha that this weekend has been played on PlayStation and where it shows that one of the weapons had a reflex sight or also known as a red dot sight.

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Where is the problem?

The problem is that this type of peephole did not begin to develop after the Second World War, so all those peepholes that appear in the game are absolutely false. As we can read in Wikipedia, the first red dot reflex sights they didn’t appear until the 70s, so it is impossible that this type of visual aid was present at that time.

Anyway, this is an “error” that should not go beyond an anecdote, since Activision has already repeated on several occasions that although the game is based on the Second World War, certain licenses will be taken, and that is that “Vanguard is rooted, but not indebted ”to the World War II timeline.

When viral does more damage than it should

This is one more example of the power of social networks. On the one hand, there is the desire to take center stage and to make something viral, and on the other, the capacity for replication and sharing of users, who become especially more aggressive with publications and interactions when it comes to humiliating or showing deficiencies of a specific topic. The publication, which was uploaded to the network three days ago, has a total of 257,000 likes, more than 11 thousand comments and almost 2,000 republications, so there is no doubt that it has attracted attention.

In the end, the publication should serve to know the origin of the SLR sights and learn a little more about the history of the Second World War, and not to get likes at the cost of being funny and not stopping to think exactly what is being shown in the video. Come to think of it, Cold War and many other games fail with the same error. And it is that we remember that they are simple video games. Could it be that we are getting older?

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